’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ recap: Aladin asks Laura for a divorce

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Recap: Lame Of Thrones – Laura & Aladin Jallali’s Festivities Continue

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’s Tell All special ended Monday evening with couples of the season who were reunited and provided relationship updates – including Aladin Jallali who threatened Laura Jallali with divorce and Sumit insisted that he divorce his wife for joining Jenny Slats could be.

Part 2 of the Tell-All special was broadcast on TLC on Monday evening and included the following cast members gathering in New York with host and mediator Shaun Robinson: Laura, a 51-year-old from Eustis, FL; Paul Staehle, a 36-year-old from Louisville, KY; Jenny Slatten, a 60-year-old from Palm Springs, CA; Tiffany Franco, a 27-year-old from Frederick, MD; Corey Rathgeber, a 31-year-old from Mill A, WA; Deavan Clegg, a 22-year-old from Salt Lake City, UT; and Jihoon Lee, a 29-year-old from Seoul, South Korea.

Jihoon was the only foreign partner who appeared in the studio.

Aladin, a 29-year-old from Doha, Qatar; Ronald Smith, a 29-year-old from Randfontein, South Africa; Evelin Villegas, a 26-year-old from Engabao, Ecuador; and Sumit, a 30-year-old from New Delhi, India, all summoned for the special via video chat.

However, Karine Martins did not participate at all in the reunion special.

Below is the latest news about each 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way pair based on Monday’s episode on TLC.


'90 Day Fiance: The Other Way' recap: Aladin asks Laura for a divorce

“Aladin, did you tell Laura you want a divorce?” Shaun asked Aladin.

“I tell her, yes,” Aladin replied.

Laura’s co-stars were “in shock,” especially Jenny, who watched backstage.

Aladin said that Laura would not change, even though he had given her a second and third chance. However, Laura insisted: “You know what? That is what love is!”

Laura admitted that she was ‘not really’ okay and she broke into tears on stage when Shaun welcomed her son Liam in the conversation.

Liam said that Laura and Aladin had “minor” arguments that could be easily resolved, but he accused his mother of a behavioral pattern in which she goes from one man to another and eventually gets injured.

Liam told Laura that she “has a bad taste with men,” makes “bad decisions,” and plunges into terrible situations that are ultimately destroyed. Laura admitted she was ashamed.

Aladin laughed at Liam’s remarks, but Liam replied, “I don’t like to see my mother upset. I don’t know what to say or think about this whole situation.”

Liam insisted that Laura’s relationship was doomed from the start and everyone knew it. Liam said that Laura had ignored all warnings from her friends and family.

Liam confessed that he didn’t like Aladin at all, but Laura could be to blame for her relationships not working well. Laura cried about how she is a good person with a good heart who deserves love.

As Laura sobbed, Liam laughed as his dog barked in the background and Aladin complained that he had done his best in the relationship and that Laura just didn’t care.

Laura’s girlfriend Ludwing was then brought on stage to offer Laura emotional support, and Laura asked the producers to remove Liam from the conversation because he was so “disrespectful” to her.

Ludwing wasn’t aware of Laura and Aladin‘s problems, but apparently that’s because Laura said she and her husband just had normal problems that a couple has – and Aladin wanted to divorce her so suddenly.

Aladin acknowledged that he wasn’t sure if there was a chance that his marriage to Laura could be saved.

Laura wanted to fight for her marriage because she said she loved Aladin and thought he really loved her. Laura started to wonder if Aladin had used her all the time and she said that in the future she could only do things “step by step”.

Aladin said about the divorce: “It’s my decision and it’s my life.”

Corey called Aladin out to marry Laura for the wrong reasons, but Aladin insisted he was married to her because he loved her. Aladin often did not feel respected, but Deavan pointed out that Aladin did not seem to respect Laura either.

Laura also accused Aladin of using her, and Ronald said Aladin would not be a man if he ran away from his marriage for such silly reasons.

Aladin asked Laura what he was using her for and she replied: “As soon as the money ran out and I wouldn’t get a visa for you, it was [goodbye]!

Aladin claimed that he had paid for everything in their relationship, including their honeymoon and rent.

Aladin suggested that he lost love for Laura because of how she had acted and did not respect him for his family. Tiffany told Aladin that he is not perfect and if he really loved Laura, he would stay with her and work them out.

Aladin was not sure if he would be willing to go to marriage therapy.

“It shouldn’t be that hard,” Aladin said.

Laura asked Aladin if he would be willing to talk to her and he said, “Fine … I want to do it” before she caught on to Laura because she repeatedly asked him the same question.

Laura left the Tell-All with mixed feelings because she said Aladin was no longer the person she was married to. Laura wasn’t sure if Aladin would really go ahead with the therapy and she was crying because she really thought her husband loved her.

Laura had to return to Qatar, but it was hard for her to imagine the path that her life would follow. She didn’t know where her house would be and she said it was “a sucking sensation.”


'90 Day Fiance: The Other Way' recap: Aladin asks Laura for a divorce

Deavan said it was so frightening to get pregnant so quickly with Jihoon’s baby and certainly not something she had planned.

Deavan insisted there was no doubt in her mind when the baby belonged to Jihoon because she hadn’t had sex with anyone else for two years.

“I have super sperm,” said Jihoon. “King of sperm.”

In recordings never before broadcasted, Deavan apparently packed her things and departed from the place of Jihoon’s parents. Deavan returned to America with her son Taeyang so that Jihoon could get everything in order.

Deavan didn’t feel she could bring her daughter Drascilla to South Korea if Jihoon didn’t even have an apartment to live in. Deavan didn’t want her family to grow up in a tight space, and she said she needed Jihoon to save money and prove herself.

Deavan told the cameras that she would be willing to return to South Korea as soon as Jihoon came on the plate as a good husband and a good father.

“I knew I had to go back to America, because after a month nothing was ready,” said Deavan.

Jihoon was just visiting Deavan in the United States at the time and said she had tickets – including one for Drascilla – to fly back to South Korea within 10 days. Jihoon, however, still had to do everything he said he would do.

Deavan admitted that she only learned a few days earlier that Jihoon had no plan for her family, but that the ticket had already been purchased because she had been told otherwise.

Jihoon admitted that he had lied and been very selfish.

“Trust takes time. It takes a lot of time. He broke my trust by lying,” Deavan commented.

Deavan said that Jihoon’s family should take her along with her children, but Jihoon’s mother apparently no longer liked Deavan and wished her son to have married a Korean woman instead.

Deavan said she had no idea that Jihoon’s mother felt that way and wanted Jihoon to marry someone “cute and kind.” The co-stars of Deavan, however, found Deavan very cute.

Deavan acknowledged that Jihoon’s parents did not hold their son responsible for his actions and behavior. Deavan felt the guilt for having a child with Jihoon when two people make a baby, and she apparently wanted Jihoon to stand up for her more.

Deavan was upset. Jihoon’s mother felt that way, and she thought it was “ridiculous” that her mother-in-law would only tolerate and accept her when her son first impregnated her.

Deavan said that if she had heard about Jihoon’s criminal history before traveling to South Korea, she would never have moved there because she would have to pay for Jihoon’s criminal past – that is something she had previously had to deal with – and she wouldn’t want her children to grow up in that kind of environment.

Deavan also said that Jihoon’s mistake of buying and selling used phones had ruined them financially.


'90 Day Fiance: The Other Way' recap: Aladin asks Laura for a divorce

Tiffany said her baby Carley Rose was great and only got grumpy when she was hungry, just like her father.

Ronald admitted it was not easy to be away from his family, but Tiffany revealed that she had already purchased airline tickets so that she and her children could quickly visit Ronald again in South Africa.

After watching footage of Ronald partying at his bachelor party, Tiffany confessed that she was resentful and was still hurt by Ronald’s behavior.

“You can’t keep making so many stupid choices and just come back with,” I didn’t know this would hurt you. ” He did this knowing it would bother me and his excuse was, “I didn’t know, [my friends] had planned this for me,” Tiffany said.

Ronald said he had tried to leave the bash, and Tiffany’s co-stars discussed behind the scenes how she deserved someone much better. Deavan pointed out that Tiffany must have a Prince Charming in her life.

Ronald apparently gave up drinking and said he worked with Tiffany every day to build trust. For example, Ronald takes photos of his cash withdrawals and sends them to Tiffany.

Tiffany acknowledged that it takes a very strong person to take someone back with an addiction. Tiffany said she had promised Ronald she would never give him up, but at the same time it was sometimes very difficult for her.

“I will do what I have to do for our family,” Ronald insisted.

Shaun then asked Tiffany to reveal the status of Ronald’s visa, and Tiffany assured everyone, “He’s coming to America.”

However, Ronald did not yet have to apply for the visa, because it would cost him a lot of money.

Since Ronald had never been convicted of a charge and all his charges were withdrawn, his file was technically clear, which would facilitate obtaining a visa to come to the United States.

If Ronald’s visa is not approved, Tiffany said, “That is something we will have to deal with when it happens, but I don’t make a plan for it.”

Tiffany said she accepts nothing but Ronald who comes to the United States. She said she just wasn’t ready to move her children to another country.

Tiffany’s mother Maggie then stepped onto the stage and revealed that she had lost all faith and confidence in Ronald. Maggie was afraid that Ronald would repeat his mistakes and Ronald apparently felt guilty because he had so seriously disappointed his mother-in-law.

Tiffany said that when Ronald was wrong, he still held a proud attitude when he just had to shut up and apologize.

Ronald promised that he was improving himself and correcting his mistakes.

But Maggie admitted: “[Ronald] is not someone I would choose for myself, let alone one of my children. I would never put myself in the situation that I am aware, fully aware, there are things who will be done that will hurt me. “

Daniel was also welcomed on stage and Ronald said he loved Daniel so much and was so proud to call him “son.” Daniel is apparently a great big brother who takes care of his little sister.

Daniel told Shaun that he didn’t like South Africa because it was dangerous and he had to leave all his friends behind. However, Daniel said he would go back if it meant he could be with his father.

Tiffany said that coming to America would be best for himself and their children, and Ronald agreed, although he would make some sacrifices to move.

Jenny and Corey warned Tiffany to be careful with Ronald because he still had some work to do.

Tiffany planned to break her relationship with Ronald because she had entered into a marriage with love.


Jenny said that living in the United States was difficult because she was supposed to be in India with the love of her life. At the time, Jenny lived with her daughter Christina.

Sumit called via video chat from a hotel room in Delhi, and he said his family and wife knew he would talk to Jenny that day.

Jenny never suspected a woman was in the photo and she said there were no red flags that she had ignored during her time at Sumit in India.

After watching images of Jenny and Sumit’s emotional farewell in India, Jenny cried and admitted her heart was broken.

“We love each other … and we don’t see the age difference between each other. We just love each other. That’s all we know, and we want to be together,” Jenny ventured.

Jenny said that Sumit should have told her that he was married, but that she loved him so much that she probably would have stayed with him. Jenny blamed Sumit’s culture for why he married and said it was just an arranged marriage that he didn’t want to start.

Sumit explained that he had signed up for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way so that he could scream from the rooftops that he was and loved her with Jenny, given that his parents didn’t listen to him or didn’t care. gifts.

Sumit hoped to use the show as a way to get out of his marriage.

“I was never in love with my wife,” Sumit admitted.

When Sumit was asked if he had intimate relationships with both Jenny and his wife at home, “No, not at the time.”

Jenny believed Sumit’s claim and then Shaun asked Sumit why he didn’t demand a divorce from his wife because he was in love with someone else. Sumit insisted that he had asked his wife for divorce several times, but his family was against the idea and got involved.

Sumit felt guilty for wasting so much time on Jenny.

Christina and her wife Jen then joined Jenny on stage, and Christina said she wasn’t happy with Sumit because he had caught his mother in the beginning and then lied about his wife and family situation.

Christina cried and said she felt “a little stupid” because of how much they had believed in Sumit. Christina was angry at what Sumit had withstood them all, and Sumit had nothing else to say than he felt bad.

Sumit revealed that his wife had filed a lawsuit against him, so their divorce was pending. Jenny imagined Sumit and herself to come together one day and be together again.

Christina wasn’t about to stop her mother, but she was tired of having to save her mother from things. Christina asked her mother to think carefully before she acted.

“I plan to go back to India. That’s the plan,” Jenny shared.

Sumit said that if his divorce goes peacefully, Jenny should not be in danger if she returns to India. Jenny admitted Sumit lied very well, and Christina agreed that it was difficult to keep track of all of Sumit’s lies.

Sumit revealed that the only connection he had with his wife was “a fighting band” because they are only fighting. Sumit and Jenny agreed that they were so happy when they could be together.


Paul had a hard time viewing images of his “bad” and “explosive” fights with Karine. Paul said it “sharpened him” to hear that Karine received money from an American man.

“It really was a guts and it caused a lot of fighting. It is something we disagree with and it has brought me to tears,” said Paul.

Evelin told Paul that when a woman receives money from a man, he usually gets something back.

Karine often spoke about a divorce during the show, and Paul said this is due to the way he speaks and communicates.

Paul believes that he appears aggressive during their arguments and Karine feels like he is verbally or emotionally abusing when he is not trying to be.

Paul’s mother took part in the reunion show and revealed that Paul was a good father but still had some work to do. She supported Paul financially, but pointed out that his baby boy Pierre is absolutely beautiful.

Paul said he and Karine had many ups and downs, but he was very focused on his family and being a good husband. Paul insisted that he work hard to improve his communication with Karine.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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