’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ recap: KARINE and PAUL / LAURA and ALADIN / TIFFANY and RONALD / JENNY and SUMIT

'90 Day Fiance: The Other Way' recap: KARINE and PAUL / LAURA and ALADIN / TIFFANY and RONALD / JENNY and SUMIT

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way contained Jenny Slatten who was told that Sumit is married and ambushed by his entire family and wife, Karine Martins gives Paul Staehle a second chance and Laura Jallali is crushed by her son Liam at the start of her three-day wedding during the Monday evening episode on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way follows American citizens who travel around the world and live abroad for the sake of love.

90 Day Fiance: The Americans of The Other Way will also have to get married within 90 days to stay in their new countries. Paul and Karine, however, were already married at the time of filming.

The latest broadcast included Paul and Karine; Jenny, a 60-year-old from Palm Springs, CA, and Sumit, a 30-year-old from New Delhi, India; Laura, a 51-year-old from Eustis, FL, and Aladin Jallali, a 29-year-old from Qatar; Tiffany Franco, a 27-year-old from Frederick, MD, and Ronald Smith, a 29-year-old from South Africa, and Corey Rathgeber, a 31-year-old from Mill A, WA, and Evelin Villegas, a 26-year-old from Engabao, Ecuador.

Deavan Clegg, a 22-year-old from Salt Lake City, UT, and Jihoon Lee, a 29-year-old from South Korea; however, did not appear in this episode.

After arriving in their new countries, the six American cast members have to race against a ticking clock and face major culture shocks and challenges – including winning their upcoming foreign in-laws and trying to plan a wedding.

Below is the latest news about each 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way pair based on Monday’s episode on TLC.


It was two weeks ago that Karine had born their son Pierre and Paul said he was honored to be a father.

Before Karine delivered the baby, she wanted to divorce Paul, but he hoped she would change her mind. Karine wanted Paul to help her with the baby every day, so she asked him if it could remain peaceful between them.

Karine was optimistic about her future with Paul because of how healthy and beautiful their little boy was.

Paul’s mother Mary then traveled to Brazil to meet her grandchild. Karine was nervous because she had never met Paul’s mother before and did not know if she liked her.

Mary was surprised to see the circumstances in which her son lived, but she was happy that Paul was in love.

When Paul’s mother and Karine met, they embraced and called each other beautiful. Karine welcomed Mary to Brazil and then Mary was allowed to hold the baby for the first time, causing Paul to cry happy tears.

Mary gushed about how Pierre was beautiful and sad that she was so far removed from Paul’s new family.

Karine hoped that Mary would help her with Paul, and Mary seemed to really like Karine. Paul said the journey to his son’s birth was a roller coaster, but he would remember this moment that his family was together for the rest of his life.


Laura and Aladin celebrated the first day of their traditional three-day wedding in Tunisia, which was in fact a huge celebration that lasted all day and night.

Laura’s son Liam said he would probably be “a party” and miss the first night of the wedding, and Laura said he would probably offend Aladin’s family.

Liam claimed that he was just tired and that partying and dancing is not his style. Liam had traveled 24 hours to come to Tunisia and insisted on giving Aladin a chance, but Laura was still not happy.

Laura felt that Liam had walls and Liam accused Aladin of being “the rest of the boys.” Liam did not like the men with whom Laura had gone out with his father and said she always ended up in bad relationships with bad men and “Aladin is no different.”

“He won’t let you talk. He checks. It won’t be long before this goes south, just like the rest of the boys. And if you get hurt, you come back crying and say you don’t need a man and you’re a strong and independent woman, “Liam told his mother.

Laura said that sometimes relationships are good and sometimes bad, but Liam was convinced that her marriage would not work. Laura called Liam “rude,” but he didn’t really care.

“He hated Aladin before he even got to know him. It was like the game was over before it even got a chance to get started. I wish he had maturity to know that relationships in life are not easy , “Laura called to the cameras. .

Laura said she really wanted Liam to be part of her marriage, but he was “so stubborn.”

Liam said he would like to be wrong about Aladin, and if he was eventually wrong, he would apologize. However, Liam had asked his mother to choose between Aladin and herself – and she clearly chose Aladin.

Laura was upset and arrived late for her party. She told Aladin that Liam did not want her to try love again, but Aladin said that Liam should not be able to decide whether his mother can love again or not.

Aladin said that Liam behaved like a child, but he is not. Aladin did not want to “have to babysit” at his wedding. Laura was ashamed that her son acted like that, so Aladin told her to come to the party and let it go.

“I was attacked by my own son and it was a bad situation, okay?” Laura said and asked Aladin not to let her feel bad because she was late.

Aladin said he would talk man to man with Liam the next day. Laura said that this is not how Liam should treat people, let alone his mother’s husband.

Laura then joined the party with a forced smile on her face and she only hoped that Liam would give Aladin a chance.


Corey was back in Washington in recent weeks because his father had died.

Corey’s mother seemed fine and said everything would be fine, but Corey wasn’t so sure.

Corey’s mother had seen her husband go downhill very quickly after his pancreas was inflamed and died in the hospital.

Corey was torn between staying home and worrying that his mother was fine versus going back to Ecuador and hopefully making a proposal to Evelin.

Corey felt that his mother needed him and his brothers and sisters looked up to him, but he loved Evelin and wanted to be with her forever. He didn’t want to put pressure on Evelin to marry him, but he ran out of time.


It was a few weeks ago that Tiffany and Ronald had a fight. Things had improved and Tiffany was excited to be pregnant, but she expected to give birth in a public hospital instead of a private hospital.

Tiffany had heard bad things about public hospitals and Ronald even admitted that they are not very clean and that doctors are not taking good care of their patients.

Tiffany then discovered that the maternity ward was very small and the hospital has a problem with overcrowding, so she learned that there was a possibility that she might not even be able to get a bed if she had contractions.

Moreover, areas were separated with curtains and there would be no door or private space for Tiffany.

Because of the small spaces, Tiffany also discovered that Ronald could not be with her when she delivers the baby. The hospital apparently has limited resources and they help with 25 to 30 births per day.

Tiffany came to the conclusion that giving birth in a public hospital would not be an option. She wasn’t happy with what she saw and heard, so Ronald Tiffany promised that the money would be available so that she could welcome their baby to a private hospital.

Tiffany did not want Ronald to get stressed, and she said that financial pressure is “a huge trigger” for his gambling addiction.

Tiffany was afraid that this might be something that breaks him, but Ronald was confident that he could take care of his wife the right way.


Jenny tried to walk the producers and camera crew through something that had happened to Sumit.

Producers apparently received a “hectic appeal” from Jenny, so they took the first flight to India to cover the events as they unfolded, according to TLC.

Jenny said what happened was “worse than anything” she could ever have imagined and it was a nightmare. Sumit visited his parents’ house, and when he returned to the apartment, Sumit rang and told Jenny to lock the door.

Jenny thought his parents had arrived and were about to leave, but a few minutes later, there was a knock on Jenny’s door and a man with Sumit.

Jenny remembered the man who said, “Hi, Jenny, how are you? I’m Sumit’s father. He’s been married to my daughter for the past two years. He’s married to my daughter.”

Jenny said she was shocked and thought the situation was ‘wild’ and she didn’t know how to respond or what to do.

“Why did he marry someone if he loved me, if he told me that he loved me all these years, every day? How did he marry someone else? How is that possible?” Jenny vented.

Jenny said Sumit’s father-in-law had entered the apartment and called Sumit’s parents so they could meet her.

Jenny was afraid that everyone would get angry and go after her. Sumit apparently tried to convince his father-in-law that there was nothing wrong and Jenny was scared.

Jenny then heard a crash in her living room, and that was when the rest of Sumit’s family popped up – including his wife. The mother of Sumit apparently grabbed the shrine of her son and threw it on the floor and broke it.

Sumit stood in a fighting stance against his entire family, who gathered in a circle in the living room.

“His mother looked at me, and if looks could kill, I would probably have died by then. She looks at me, such as,” You’d better come back! ” So I made a backup, “Jenny recalled.

“She looked like she would hurt him. I was scared. I didn’t know how to help him. They threatened to put him in prison. “

The family also threatened to tell the police about Jenny because she lived with a married man, but she broke into tears about how she had no idea that Sumit was married. Jenny didn’t know Indian laws or what would happen.

However, Sumit told his entire family that he loved Jenny, and then his father-in-law filed a complaint with the police. The father-in-law of Sumit apparently held the passport, the permit and more of Sumit.

“They left and took him away. They took Sumit from me … and I haven’t seen him since! ” Jenny cried.

Jenny was left alone in India and she didn’t know what to do.

“Why is this happening?! Why is this happening?!” Jenny cried and became increasingly hysterical.

Jenny had no plan and commented, “I don’t belong here.”

Jenny was alone in her apartment in India for a few days, so she called her daughter. Jenny was afraid to tell Christina about this because Christina had been right all the time and she didn’t want to look like an “idiot” and heard “I told you”.

“It looks like Sumit has a wife,” Jenny told her daughter during a video chat.

“This is why he has kept all this secret from his parents. His parents have entered into an arranged marriage … He does not want to be married to her. He never wanted to be married to her.”

Jenny explained that Sumit was married about two years ago and that his family – 15 to 20 people – were ambushing them in their apartment.

Jenny said she and Sumit were just crying and he was jerked out of her arms.

Christina assumed how the situation had turned out that way, but Sumit had put her in so much danger. Christina said that Sumit had an idea of ​​what would happen if they were hiding and this was inevitable.

“He lied straight to my face! … That’s so amazing!” Christina shouted.

Christina could not believe Sumit had even allowed Jenny to move to India when this was all going on. She blamed Sumit, but Jenny told the cameras that she had made her own decisions.

‘I do not know. I am disgusted with him right now, “Jenny said in a confessional.

Jenny wasn’t sure if she could continue this relationship, and Christina advised Jenny to go home because she deserved someone who was honest and honest with her and lives in the United States.

Jenny had sacrificed and given up everything to move to India to be with Sumit, so she couldn’t believe he had done this to her. She had so many questions for Sumit that she didn’t even know where to start.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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