90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Recap – Sumit Finally Admits That He’s Married on

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Recap – Sumit Finally Admits That He’s Married on

On Monday’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Sumit recognizes the secret he has hidden from Jenny Slatten. While Soap Dirt was leaking, he is already married. Moreover, Karine Martins and Paul Staehle welcome baby Pierre. Deavan Clegg is trained in the use of a bidet and learns more about the past of Jihoon Lee.

And Laura Jallali lies to her husband about what really happened to her little purple friend. With fans in turmoil over all sketchy timelines and the bomb from Sumit, this episode Fool’s Gold experienced some classic moments. So let’s dive for all the laughter in this summary. You can watch TLC 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way on Monday evening at 9 p.m.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Recap – Sumit Finally Admits That He’s Married on

Since Jenny Slatten left California with 6k and lots of colorful glasses frames, it has been a bad thing in India. Sumit stopped working, got an apartment, left her there, and returned home. So, Jenny admitted she felt like a side piece. Well, Jenny, you were right. The show ends with Jenny demanding that he choose between her and his parents. And Sumit tells producers, in front of the camera, that he is indeed married.

90 Day Fiance fans are telling the internet about the great secret of Sumit since Soap Dirt broke the story long before Sumit became known. While last night’s episode meant a confession to producers, fans have to wait to see Jenny moan after she finds out. Earlier in the episode, Jenny’s daughter Christina and her wife Jen warned her that something was wrong. So they urge her to go with them. But Jenny wanted to give him a chance.

It is not surprising that Sumit has lied all this time. Despite the fact that it became an early favorite with fans, the behavior of Sumit is more shadowy every week. And don’t forget that he first met Jenny Slatten by catfishing her under the photos and name of someone else: Michael Jones. What frames does Jenny wear when Sumit tells her the truth? Fraud or not TLC certainly keeps us going with 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

The Family Jihoon Has Excellent Back Door Hygiene

On 90 days of Fiance: The Other Way, Deavan Clegg wakes up after her first night in South Korea and finds Jihoon Lee relaxing on the couch with his little dog. He explains that the dog was barking and baby Taeyang was crying and waking up. So he thought it best when they slept on the couch. Deavan is not happy with this. But now she just wants a shower. Easier said than done, it turns out. It seems that the bathroom in Jihoon’s home is quite different from what she was used to in Utah.

First Jihoon has her shoes put on because the shower is not really enclosed and runs down a floor drain. That causes concern for Deavan who thinks Drascilla is arriving and all things that could go wrong there. The toilet has many buttons that Deavan does not understand. Jihoon explains the bidet and it shoots water after your poop so you don’t have to wipe. Deavan presses the button and he certainly did not lie about the ability to wash your back with pressure. And explains: “my entire anal family is so clean”.

Deavan Finds Out Why Jihoon’s Broke

As if this wasn’t just the good old kind of 90 Day Fiance fun we needed after these last few weeks of fraud and deception, it got even better with these two. They go to a Korean fish market that looked more like a breeding ground for creatures used in “Stranger Things” than a place for lunch. There is phallic eel that sprays water and no shortage of live octopus. Deavan even tries a living octopus tentacle that is still moving. And we all needed a minute after she described it making a popping sound.

But the pleasure came to an end when the conversation figured out why Jihoon has no money or a place to live. It seemed that he was selling mobile phones that were originally ‘lost’. He bought them from other people and sold them. So the police imposed a fine on him. And the fine doubled with interest to 30 mille. Although he says he now earns four thousand a month and has reduced the debt to 5k. Deavan says the trust has disappeared. She will be glad that she has that bidet when that octopus starts to appear.

Baby Pierre Makes a Grand Entrance on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

When we last saw Paul Staehle, wife Karine Martins kicked him out of the hospital while giving birth to their son. He decides to try again if Karine will let him be there for her. Karine gives birth in a public hospital without painkillers. She is clearly upright in pain and Paul is trying to comfort her. She says he can stay if he is silent. We hear from you Karine.

During the next 24 hours we see and hear Karine’s pain while she suffers from shift work without doctors in the area. Karine comes through and baby Pierre arrives healthy and looks robust. Karine’s mother is there and Paul was by her side all the time. He squeaks with delight when he sees his son. But then ruined the moment by talking about how Pierre looks white and has blue eyes, so he can fix that DNA test.

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Karine admits that she is happy that Paul was there before the birth of their son. And that it gives their marriage another chance. Although we already knew about Pierre, who is now probably registered in real-time at kindergarten in Kentucky, it was a great moment for Paul and Karine. And Karine – you were a bad ass.

Aladin Jallali Doesn’t Want a Goat That’s Long in The Tooth

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Aladin and wife Laura Jallali are preparing for their traditional three-day wedding in Tunisia. The couple is legal on paper but wants to celebrate with family and friends. Well, especially the family and friends of Aladin. But Laura convinced her son Liam to come. Liam is not a fan of her mother’s new hubby and promises that it will be uncomfortable if he does not share his mother’s preference for the personal trainer.

Part of the wedding includes serving goats. So they visit a farmer so that Aladin can pick a goat for dinner after the wedding. Now nobody wants to see this poor, unsuspecting goat to the slaughter. Just as little as Deavan saw a moving octopus tentacle chew. Aladin grabs a goat and inspects his teeth. when Laura asks why he says to make sure it’s not too old, so the meat is still soft. Fortunately, he did not apply these standards when choosing a woman.

Laura’s Son Liam Arrives in Tunisia on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Later they are waiting for Liam to arrive at 90 Day Fiance: the Other Way. It seems that Laura felt a bit neglected in the jiggy jiggy department lately. Aladin wipes her. He says that this relationship is not just about sex. But Laura says she must be sexually satisfied. And says that she has removed the purple sex toy from the trash. Aladin gets angry. She says she will throw it again, but tells the producers differently.

Later, Liam finally arrives in Tunisia with an airline blanket around him and a cowboy hat. He looks like a jet that leaves Juan Valdez behind. Laura cries and then it is all uncomfortable talking from that moment. Aladin feels uncomfortable with Laura’s crying. And Liam keeps smiling at nothing. Aladin asks if he wants to meet his family. Liam laughs and says no. Aladin is offended. Maybe for God’s sake this wedding will not take place. You can catch 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way on TLC Monday at 9 p.m.

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