90 Day Fiance – Tom Brooks Apologizes To Jesse Meester

90 Day Fiance – Tom Brooks Apologizes To Jesse Meester

90 Day Fiance cast members Tom Brooks and Jesse Meester seem to be pals now and a united front against Darcey Silva. Recently, Jesse shared a conversation between him and Tom. It seems that the men concluded that their former mutual girlfriend Darcey was playing both of them. Now, men seem to blame Darcey for being on bad terms. Are they casting shade to get Darcey’s attention, or embarrass her to have better behavior in their next relationship?

90 Day Fiance – Tom Brooks Apologizes To Jesse Meester

Tom Brooks shared online that he wanted to apologize to Jesse Meester. When 90 Day Fiance fans suggested that the two were on good terms, Tom wrote that he had not “talked to him [Jesse]”. However, he said he would “like it.” Then, Tom felt he should have a conversation with Jesse.

The promised 90-day British native had the opportunity to apologize. Because, Jesse Meester published that they talked and buried the ax. Jesse wrote that Tom approached him. In addition, he accepted Tom’s apology. He also said that he and Tom Brooks “are helping each other and drinking coffee.” It almost sounds like a support group after Darcey Silva.

Jesse Meester Speaks To Tom About Relationship With Darcey Silva – Talks “Red Flags”

Jesse Meester said he didn’t want to interfere with the 90 Day Fiance relationship between Tom Brooks and Darcey Silva. He made it clear that he always kept his mouth shut. Because, he didn’t want to give Darcey “space for her to point with her finger, except herself.” Then, Jesse moved on and kept his distance. And things were salty throughout the season since Darcy constantly stopped naming Jesse, and then came to the meeting.

The 90 Day Fiance Amsterdam native admitted that he felt bad for Tom Brooks. Jesse Meester said he could relate to everything Tom was going through. In his long Twitter post, Jesse wrote that “while looking at him and listening, I really felt bad for him.” Although the TLC stars were on bad terms before this, Jesse still thought “nobody deserves this.” And with “this” he obviously referred to the situation with Darcey Silva.

Is Darcey Silva To Blame For Feud?

According to the new best friends, Darcey Silva is to blame for his enmity. During the conversation between Jesse and Tom, they discovered that Darcey Silva manipulated them both. Jesse revealed that Darcey would tell Tom Brooks “how bad it was and she told me how bad it was.” Jesse also said he called him to speak ill of Tom Brooks, and vice versa. Therefore, the two men thought badly of each other.

Darcy Silva of 90 Day Fiance has not yet commented on this new friendship between his ex. But, it seems that Darcey already has his eyes on another man. Previous reports said Darcey was caught sending money to the man she allegedly cheated while watching Tom Brooks. Also, if Darcey was really chatting with Tom Brooks for four years, as she says, then he tricked Jesse Meester with him.

That is one of the “red flags” on which Jesse Meester warned with the bosses of Darcey Silva. Now, although he and Tom Brooks are done with Darcey, they seem to be starting their new friendly relationship.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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