’90 Day Fiancé’: Tom Brooks has trouble opening up

'90 Day Fiancé': Tom Brooks has trouble opening up

90 day fiance Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks have recently had some ups and downs. It is clear that Silva lives with her heart on her sleeve, but it seems that Brooks is not used to the level of emotion. In fact, he could struggle with it himself. Brooks revealed that there is a reason why he seems emotionally sealed.

It is also clear that Brooks is used to living the life of a bachelor. In fact, he had seen several women until Darcey Silva appeared. Is Tom Brooks able to commit emotionally, or is he a serial woman?

Tom Brooks has trouble opening up

Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks started talking regularly about the time that Silva and her previous 90 Day Fiancé romance ended their relationship.

Silva told Newsweek: “He was there for me. He knew all about it. He was quite my rock all that time … He’s older. He has lived life. He is a jetsetter. He owns his own company. He has a lot of experience in life and lifts me up. I never feel put down. It was something I had to explore because he might be the one, so I decided to do that trip again. I do not regret it. “

Although Darcey Silva feels comfortable with her heart on her sleeve, it seems as if Tom Brooks is not. In fact, he was quite frightened by Silva’s effusiveness when she came to visit him.

“It’s something I’m not used to. It’s something that I don’t find particularly attractive. It’s supposed to be a first-date scenario; it’s supposed to be fun,” he said.

Tom Brooks also made it clear to his sister that he is not so sure about taking on something serious now, and that he even has trouble thinking that he loves Silva. This may partly be due to two failed engagements he has had in the past.

According to Brooks, both engagements were terminated by the other party. “Maybe I can’t commit myself because of the way things used to be,” said Brooks.

Seeing women before Darcey Silva arrived

While Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks enjoyed each other’s company for the first time – or tried – Silva decided she wanted more information. She asked Tom Brooks where they were in their relationship and told him she felt they had been dating for four years.

Tom Brooks did not seem particularly happy with this assessment. Brooks felt that this was their second date and seemed unable to confirm the exclusivity with Silva.

Tom Brooks said to the camera: “I have seen other women. But I said I would not see them again. I want to see where this is going with Darcey. I want to see if this love affair and romance that it could be is something could become more of a long-term thing. “

Tom Brooks essentially said that up to a week before Darcey had seen Silva’s other women – something that upset her to hear.

Spotted with a Darcey Silva lookalike

It looks like Tom Brooks can have a type. Instagram account fraudedbytlc posted a picture of Tom Brooks at a fashion event in Milan, Italy, with a blonde on his arm.

The account was marked with the image: “… he would have recently been seen in a cafe in Milan with this absolutely non-Darcey beauty and there was definitely a ** – grabbing involved. There is reportedly another girl who Tom cheated with this girl. “

Although the image itself is self-evident, the claims regarding physical interactions and another girl have not been verified. Brooks has claimed that the woman in the photo was only his dance partner, nothing more. Fiancé fans of 90 days don’t seem to want to buy it.

A user wrote: “Isn’t that the person he was dancing with? He’s a dirty and lying player.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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