’90 Day Fiancé’: Tom Brooks struggles with emotion

'90 Day Fiancé': Tom Brooks struggles with emotion

90 Day Fiancé fans are warned – there are potential spoilers regarding Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks below. This fiance of 90 days is very interesting. Darcey Silva was previously on 90 Day Fiancé with Jesse Meester van Amsterdam. Silva’s relationship with Meester did not succeed.

Fortunately for Silva, Tom Brooks was present. The British businessman offered Silva a listening ear as he went south with Meester. Since then, however, his feelings and intentions for Silva have remained unclear. Is the couple still going strong today?

Helping her through

According to Darcey Silva, Tom Brooks was an important factor in helping her emotions work through after her previous 90-day fiance relationship ended.

Darcey Silva told Newsweek: “He was there for me. He knew all about it. He was quite my rock all that time … He’s older. He has lived life. He is a jetsetter. He owns his own company. He has a lot of experience in life and lifts me up. I never feel put down. It was something I had to explore because he might be the one, so I decided to do that trip again. I do not regret it. “

Darcey Silva added that Brooks is helping her feel safe. “When I looked him in the eyes, I just knew. I felt safe and protected, “Silva told the people. “He just treated me with respect and like a princess. I felt more like a woman. It was a very beautiful, heart-warming feeling. “

She added: “He has this wonderful softness about him that I love. We learn a lot from each other. We don’t take anything away from each other’s personality, such as, there is something that we can add to each other in the relationship, so it was magnificent. “

According to Darcey Silva, she learned a lot from her relationship with Meester. “My previous relationship was toxic. I learned what I want in a relationship. I really dug deeply to love myself and I know I deserve so much more, “she told People.

Tom Brooks struggles with emotion

Although it sounds like Darcey Silva clearly has no problem talking about her feelings, the same does not seem to apply to Tom Brooks. Brooks even admitted to his sister Emma that he had a hard time discussing stronger feelings such as love with Silva.

“I am not really at the stage of thinking where I am going to settle down, get married, have children and move to her country or move here. I am at the point where I meet someone with whom I have been really good friends and I go see where it goes, “he told his sister.

Tom Brooks also admitted that he was somewhat eliminated by how strongly Darcey Silva expressed her emotions. “It’s something I’m not used to. It’s something that I don’t find particularly attractive. It’s supposed to be a first-date scenario; it’s supposed to be fun,” he said.

The 90 Day Fiancé star also revealed that he may have commitment problems due to previous relationships. “Maybe I can’t commit myself because of the way things used to be,” said Brooks.

He explained that he had been engaged twice before, but it was left both times by his partners.

Are Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks Still Together?

Although there have been some red flags and related moments in their relationship so far, it seems as if the 90-day fiancee is still doing well with each other.

Darcey Silva told Newsweek: “We are very good. We were very happy. Things have been great and some people can see it that way and some people can see it differently.”

She added: “We have a really deep connection and a lot in common … I love his voice. It’s very sexy, very James Bond.” Does that mean involvement on the horizon?

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