90 Day Fiancé: Tom Ran A Hate Page Against Darcey

90 Day Fiancé: Tom Ran A Hate Page Against Darcey

90 Day Fiancé star Tom Brooks recently said that despite what happened between him and Darcey Silva, she will always be his friend. Some fans may find this statement hard to believe, given how Tom Brooks behaved towards Silva after their separation. However, Tom Brooks claims that the two have a longer history than some may know, which may explain his confidence in the matter.

Things got tough between Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks on their last coffee date. The two met to resolve their 90-day relationship, which seemed to be on the fast track to failure.

Darcey Silva was angry with Brooks because she had seen a picture of him with another woman. However, she seemed unable to get a direct explanation from him. Meanwhile, she claimed that she talked over him nonstop during the discussion.

In addition, Brooks told Silva that he felt she was hanging too much on her other 90 Day Fiancé ex, Jesse Meester. The two of them couldn’t see each other and decided to end their relationship.

Unfortunately, as things were closing, Tom Brooks asked Darcey Silva, “Have you put weight on? Eventually Tom Brooks did a half-apology of Instagram, in which he blamed the montage largely for what happened.

90 Day Fiancé: Tom Ran A Hate Page Against Darcey

Despite Tom Brooks’ claims that his comment about the weight was taken out of context, fans soon discovered that he seemed to have a lot of residual anger towards Darcey Silva. In fact, Reddit’s followers discovered that he had posted a page of hatred towards Silva on Instagram.

The page in question, which has now been deleted, was called 90dayfianceaffair. A Redditor discovered that the page was linked to both Tom Brooks’ e-mail account and phone number. A screenshot of this can be found here.

In particular, the page praised Tom Brooks and made frequent disparaging comments about Darcey Silva. These included comments and captions such as “Tom seemed to do well in the first series. For Darcey Silva, there were comments like, “She’s probably already has someone else lined up for next season [sic],” and “Who else do you think she used?

Since he was called to run the page, Tom Brooks hasn’t openly addressed the accusations.

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