90 Day Fiance Update: Sasha Larin is Now Married to Emily and Living In America

‘90 Day Fiancé’ stars Emily, Sasha hope to avoid her becoming ex-wife no

90 Day Fiance couple Emily McCue and Sasha Larin seemed to have changed their storyline by TLC. Emily has more family ties with Russia than just her fiance and son. While Sasha Larin potentially married Emily before their 90 days even started. Has TLC deceived their audience to give Sasha Larin and Emily McCue a more interesting storyline? It would definitely not be the first time.

90 Day Fiance – Emily McCue Has Russian Background

According to what 90 Day Fiance viewers saw, Emily McCue moved to Russia after she accepted a job to teach English and met Sasha Larin in the gym. Although it seems like she could have been there before. Maybe on a family outing. TLC hid the fact that Emily actually has a family relationship with Russia. Emily explained in the show that her love for Russian literature aroused her interest in moving there. But it could also be because she has family who might have family there.

The cast member of 90 Day Fiance went to the internet to do some family research before teaching in Russia. In 2015, Emily McCue wrote on a forum that she “will move to Russia next year for a job and would like to meet every family that might still live there.” She added that she “is also interested in more information about my family history.” Then Emily mentions the famous family members.

TLC Star Told To Lie About Russian Knowledge?

On 90 Day Fiance, Emily McCue stated that she barely knew Russian. This despite the fact that I lived there for three years and spent a lot of time with Sasha. She also said she “can’t read the language.” According to a reaction on Instagram, she can, however. A fan asked a question about the birth announcement of Emily’s son that she had posted online. It was in Russian and the fan said “I can’t read Russian”. Emily wrote: “Fortunately I can.” TLC could have let her lie to make her look more lost in a foreign country.

If Emily McCue can read Russian, she should certainly be able to speak much more than she leads. On 90 Day Fiance, Emily didn’t even get to know simple words such as the Russian word for “small”. Words like “big” and “small” are simple words that you immediately learn when learning a new language. And Emily has been learning Russian for at least three years.

It says in her work biography that she “continues to improve Russian even though she doesn’t use it every day.” Especially since Sasha Larin comes from Russia and probably speaks better Russian than English. There is also a good chance that she and Sasha will raise their child to become bilingual because each parent’s mother tongue is different.

90 Day Fiance Update: Sasha Larin is Now Married to Emily and Living In America

90 days fiance Sasha Larin and his husband Emily McCue are together in America as a married couple. It seems on her Instagram that the couple became male and female earlier this year. Sasha’s wife wrote a photo: “I haven’t changed the name on my passport yet.” The geotag was in Moscow, Russia. Could this mean that Emily and Sasha got married before they came to America? If so, it would mean that there was no 90-day period for a wedding.

The native 90 day fiance Portland and her husband Sasha Larin live in America. Emily McCue currently has a job in the US. She started working at a company in August as an HR assistant. Its task includes “countless responsibilities that arise to support our HR team.” As for Sasha, it is not known whether he works. But he enjoyed the time at the pool.

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