90 Day Fiance:Did Rebecca and Zied break up, or is the 90 Day Fiance couple still together?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 days, Rebecca Parrot slowly unraveled secrets of her past to Zied Hakimi, but she still has to say she’s still married – that’s how the 90 Day Fiance couple finally stopped or are they still together?

[90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Spoiler Warning: stop reading now if you don’t want to know the current status of the relationship between Rebecca and Zied and whether the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days couple is still together ].

Rebecca, a 47-year-old private investigator from Canton, GA, and her friend Zied, a 26-year-old from Tunisia, were introduced last month at 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

Rebecca has three children and three failed marriages, but she was ready to give love again with Zied, whom she had met online.

Rebecca fell hard and fast for Zied, but she was worried that she would repeat her mistakes in relationships.

Although Zied was only 26, she found him “sweet and romantic.” Rebecca was drawn to his green eyes and lips and she insisted that he make her happy and that she deserved it.

To find out if they could make their long-term relationship work, Rebecca planned a 15-hour flight to Tunisia, and her ultimate goal was to leave Tunisia with an engagement ring and a new foreign fiance.

Although she acknowledged that traveling abroad was “crazy” for this man she had never met, she was more than excited.

Rebecca said that her first two marriages were “ordinary American men,” but her third marriage was to a Moroccan man whom she had brought to America with a husband’s visa.

Within three or four months, the Moroccan man was in the United States, she said he behaved differently and became a different person. She then followed him via GPS and discovered that he had deceived her with other women.

Rebecca’s friends were worried about this new relationship, especially since Rebecca had not performed an international background check on this new man. But Rebecca said if something was wrong, she would know.

Rebecca had not seen “a single red flag” with Zied, so she hoped this time would be different and that she could find happiness.

“But what if it isn’t?” Rebecca asked.

Rebecca decided to trust Zied, but knew there was an absolute possibility that he wanted to abuse her and use her for money or a move to America.

Rebecca video chatted with Zied three or four times a week and tried to look her sexiest every time. Rebecca was also worried that she would not be good enough for Zied because she often took pictures with filters that made her skin smoother and looked younger.

Rebecca said that Zied would pick her up at the airport and she predicted that she would “run in his arms and attack him.” Zied couldn’t wait to show Rebecca how much he loved her and introduced her to his family.

In Tunisia, unmarried couples cannot share a room together at night, so Zied’s father told them to stay in different places. However, Zied intended to stay at her hotel in Rebecca because she said he was “not your typical Muslim.”

“I want the engagement, I want the wedding, I want our life to begin. But I have omitted many things about my past. I keep a secret from Zied, and when I arrive in Tunisia, he deserves to be honest “Rebecca said.

90 Day Fiance:Did Rebecca and Zied break up, or is the 90 Day Fiance couple still together?

Rebecca did not know how Zied would react to her secret and she was afraid he would dump her and leave her.

Rebecca then revealed that she was not technically separated from her ex. She had ‘postponed’ it emotionally and said it didn’t end well. Omar had finally signed the papers, but the divorce was not completed.

Rebecca knew that the subject would be discussed with Zied during her time, and the conversation scared her to death because he tended to be a very jealous man.

Before leaving the United States, Rebecca filed the divorce papers, but admitted she would not have a lawsuit for her return from Tunisia.

“In the culture of Zied, a relationship with a married woman is strictly forbidden. I would like to think that he is quite understanding, but that is a big problem,” commented Rebecca. “I don’t know what he’ll do if he finds out I’m still married. I’m afraid it would end the relationship.”

However, Rebecca was looking forward to having a sexual relationship with Zied and not holding back.

“If Zied were to treat me the way my ex did, I wouldn’t survive. I’m just afraid I’m going to make the same mistake twice … [but] I really believe he’s not trying to hurt me, although there’s always one “This could be terribly bad,” Rebecca said in a confessional.

After she landed in Tunisia, Rebecca looked for Zied and feared that he had gotten cold feet because she had not heard from him. She was worried that Zied came to the conclusion that she was too old for him or would not like what she would look like personally.

While Rebecca was looking for Zied at the airport, images flashed 24 hours before her arrival to Tunisia in Tunisia. Zied said he looked at Rebecca’s photos every day and night and couldn’t wait to see her.

Zied had a close relationship with his family, but they seemed more conservative. Zied’s father was more concerned about Rebecca’s morality than about her age, but Zied had only reserved one hotel room instead of two.

The friends of Zied found the age difference of Rebecca and Zied too big, but they thought she was a pretty woman and hoped for the best for him.

Rebecca and Zied then met at the airport and hugged and kissed each other. Rebecca personally thought Zied was nicer, while he thought Rebecca looked ‘so perfect’. He even wore a T-shirt with her face on it and had a bouquet of flowers in front of her.

Rebecca found Zied’s shirt “totally awkward,” but she was relieved that he enjoyed looking personally.

She then revealed to Rebecca that he was coming to the airport by taxi and had no car, so they had to rent a vehicle. Rebecca knew that renting a car would be very expensive for her three-week stay, but she did.

Rebecca didn’t get the feeling that Zied controlled like her ex from Morocco.

After spending their first night together, Rebecca said it was great and that Zied was both “romantic and passionate.” She revealed that they had slept together and the meeting was great.

90 Day Fiance:Did Rebecca and Zied break up, or is the 90 Day Fiance couple still together?

Rebecca said she and Zied were “so comfortable,” but she had a few questions to ask if she was making the right choices. She did not want to discover that Zied was a totally different man than she had assumed, because her ex from Morocco had shocked her with his behavior when he arrived in America.

She told Rebecca that he had a serious relationship in his life that lasted two years, but she apparently cheated on him. Rebecca was worried that Zied might have problems with confidence.

Rebecca said her ex was very jealous and controlling, but Zied promised he wasn’t like her ex. Zied admitted that he did not want to talk about other men because he was actually a bit of a jealous guy.

Rebecca still had to tell Zied that she was still married since she had filed for divorce just before her trip.

“I don’t think Zied would like to realize that he was just having sex with a married woman. I don’t have a plan for when I’m going to tell Zied or even how I’m going to tell him, I just know that I find the right time and do it quickly, “Rebecca said in a confessional.

After a few stressful days after Rebecca’s move – including meeting the young friends of Zied – Rebecca and Zied planned to go out at night and have a drink together. However, she did not like it when Rebecca dressed so sexy and said that women in Tunisia were dressed more conservatively.

Rebecca told the cameras that she would not allow a man to tell her what she can or cannot wear.

But Zied did not like Rebecca catching the attention of other boys.

“I see myself as a jealous and controlling man, and I am not like the men who see my girlfriend like that,” Zied said in a confessional.

Rebecca told Zied that everything would be fine and that she did not want to fight. Rebecca said that she had given up her identity and opinion for her upcoming ex-husband from Morocco and that she would never do that again for a man. Apparently her ex-husband didn’t even like it that she was wearing makeup or showing her hair.

When the couple went out, Zied was not happy and they apparently had a fight on their way to a water pipe lounge. Rebecca just wanted to have fun and be herself, so she asked Zied to love her the way she is.

“I don’t like men watching her,” Zied told the cameras before telling Rebecca she didn’t give the impression she was a good woman.

Rebecca saw this as a big red flag, because Zied’s behavior reflected how her ex always treated her. Rebecca wasn’t sure if Zied would try to tell her what to wear in America, but Zied insisted that he just act like that because she was in Tunisia.

Rebecca said her relationship wouldn’t work if Zied remained jealous and controlling because she was tired of being told what to do.

“Okay, this is my character,” he said.

Rebecca took off her coat and asked Zied if it suddenly made her a bad person. She could see that Rebecca was attracting a lot of attention, and it made him angry.

Zied then shouted at a man looking at Rebecca’s tattoos and a verbal disagreement broke out. Rebecca feared that Zied would even hit this man in the lounge.

Things escalated quickly, but when Rebecca and Zied left the lounge, they were able to solve their problems and talk things out.

Zied then introduced Rebecca to his mother and father.

When Rebecca arrived, things went wrong because she accidentally knocked down a precious inheritance and broke it, but Zied’s parents didn’t seem angry.

While eating, Zied’s parents also asked if she had married the Arab man before, which made Rebecca feel very uncomfortable. The parents of Zied wanted their son to have a happy and good life, but at one point they saw a glimpse of her tattoos and seemed unsatisfied.

Zied’s parents asked Zied if Rebecca would be willing to remove her tattoos and Zied said yes. The father of Zied insisted that it did not look good and Zied must not forget his religion and culture, because tattoos are forbidden.

Zied and Rebecca slept in different rooms because they were at home with his parents.

The next morning Rebecca sniffed around the room to see what she could find, and she discovered a bag of photos of herself and items she’d given Zied.

Rebecca thought that was very sweet, but she feared that Zied would look for a ticket to America to have a better life, because his parents lived so humbly.

90 Day Fiance:Did Rebecca and Zied break up, or is the 90 Day Fiance couple still together?

The house of the parents of Zied was not what Rebecca had expected given the small space and they didn’t even have a shower.

Zied’s mother wanted her son to be with a Tunisian woman, but then he broke the news that he wanted to introduce to Rebecca and then moved to her country. His mother wanted Zied to feel comfortable and have a better life, but she was worried about his happiness.

Zied said that he was very happy with Rebecca, but that he wanted to spend more time with her before he suggested and decided that they would spend the rest of their lives together.

Zied thought his parents generally agreed with Rebecca, but she also had to meet his sister. And Zied admitted that his sister did not want him to move to America.

Rebecca therefore thought that Zied’s sister was the only person to stand in the way of her engagement.

Sied’s sister cooked them for dinner, and Rebecca thanked the woman for her generosity, but the environment was pretty tense and uncomfortable.

Rebecca promised she loved Zied, but his sister wondered why Zied should sacrifice and not her. Rebecca actually just said “I don’t know” and “I’m sorry.” Zied’s sister wasn’t happy with the situation, but Rebecca didn’t know how to fix it.

Zied’s sister later asked how often Rebecca had been married before, and she admitted three times, and all marriages had gone badly.

Zied’s sister was not convinced that Rebecca was right for her brother. Rebecca couldn’t even explain why or how Zied was different from all her exes who didn’t train, and his sister actually laughed at Rebecca’s dating history.

“I keep a huge secret for Zied. The truth is that I am still technically married to my ex … and there is something else in my past that is totally forbidden in their religion. It can be too much for Zied and his family to deal with, “Rebecca told the cameras.

Rebecca didn’t think the night went well, so she doubted the strength of her relationship. She was afraid that the Zied family would tell him that he was not with her, but Zied said he made decisions himself.

“I’m happy with you. I see you’re so perfect. I love you more every day,” Zied told Rebecca.

She insisted that he love Rebecca anyway, but she realized that he barely knew her.

Rebecca therefore opened up to Zied about one of her “forbidden” secrets that she had previously had a relationship with a woman.

Rebecca said the relationship wasn’t something she wanted – a same-sex relationship was just something she’d tried. Rebecca wanted to make sure Zied still loved her and wouldn’t judge her because of her past.

“That’s not normal,” said Zied. “My parents never know this. This is only for me and you. They will not accept you after this.”

Sied said that Rebecca’s relationship with a woman made him “angry”, but at least it happened before she met him. Zied said he thought the news was good, and Rebecca desperately wanted to believe that.

Rebecca told the cameras that she had to wait for the perfect time to reveal to Zied that she is still married.

Zied seemed to understand the news of Rebecca’s same-sex relationship — though he clearly disapproved of it — but she had much more to share, and she didn’t know much about Zied and his life.

Rebecca therefore contacted her private investigator, who informed Rebecca that Zied had no criminal history and had never been married before. However, the private investigator has not found any job for Zied.

Rebecca had heard that Zied was “a public coordinator,” but the private investigator said Zied did not mention anything about his career or position, as if he had never worked for a day in his life.

The private investigator was worried that Zied would come to the United States and live off Rebecca.

Rebecca believed that Zied was “a hard worker,” but she began to fear that he was lying to her, just like her ex from Morocco. Rebecca’s ex apparently used her to come to America and live the American dream.

Rebecca was “madly in love” with Zied, but she had to fathom Zied’s “zero employment history in his file.”

Rebecca later raised Zied’s background investigation at dinner and his lack of employment history, and the situation worried him because he wanted Rebecca to trust him. Zied explained that his boss gave him money directly under the table at work.

Rebecca tried to give Zied the benefit of the doubt, but she was concerned that Zied had nothing on his plate at the age of 26. Zied told Rebecca that he had worked in restaurants and coffee shops, and Rebecca pointed out that Zied would not stay at home in America while she worked.

Sied said he understood, but Rebecca was afraid to repeat her mistakes. She said they should come up with a plan so that Zied could work, earn money and help her financially.

Did Rebecca and Zied break up, or is the 90 Day Fiance couple still together?

On September 26, Rebecca posted a series of photos of Zied and himself in Tunisia, proving that they are still together and happy.

Rebecca’s son apparently also placed a set of spoilers in a Reddit thread when answering fans’ questions before the third season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days was broadcast.

Through the wire it seems that Rebecca and Zied are still together and doing well!

“I hope I don’t get in trouble because I say this, but he’s actually a surprisingly nice guy, I really didn’t expect much after the [Moroccan] (I was told he shouldn’t say his name), “the son of Rebecca revealed van Zied.

“I lived with her when she brought him to America. He and I had major problems and I moved, but Zied has been great so far, he regularly sends me questions about my son, who was in the hospital.”

Although Zied sometimes looked controlling in the show, Rebecca’s son wrote on Reddit before the show debuted, which is actually not the case!

“For the record, my mother and her are able to get along incredibly well in real life,” he wrote.

“[I] was in contact with both of them the entire time she was in Tunisia, they love each other lol.”

Rebecca’s son added that Zied is “not at all” selfish.

When asked why Rebecca has a pattern with foreign men instead of Americans, her son admitted that there is “honest” a “long” and “really sad” background story.

“She just had the worst types of people in America, as an adult I understand what she is doing,” explained her son.

“My father and 2 of my stepfathers were insulting to her, my father was an alcoholic insulting mess for all of us.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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