’90 Day Fiance’:Did Tom Brooks end up falling for Darcey?

'90 Day Fiance':Did Tom Brooks end up falling for Darcey?

90 Day Fiance: For the 90 Days, Darcey Silva moved much faster in her relationship than Tom Brooks, so did Tom ever catch up with Darcey’s feelings and are they still together – or did the 3-season season go their own way?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Spoiler Warning: stop reading now if you don’t want to know if Darcey and Tom stayed together or split up after filming the third season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days] .

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days premiered Season 3 in early August, and viewers were re-announced with Darcey, a 44-year-old from Middletown, CT, who played with her earlier in Season 2 of Before the 90 Days, now ex – friend, Jesse Meester from Amsterdam.

Darcey and Jesse had a poisonous relationship that was on and off because of constant bickering and arguing, but the mother of two told cameras that she would never allow a man to control her or be mean to her again.

Darcey claimed that she was all over Jesse and moved with Tom, a 39-year-old distributor for a sports fitness brand from the UK, who reportedly had treated her much better.

Darcey met the handsome “jet-setter type” on Facebook no less than four years ago.

The couple was actually planning to meet at that time, but Darcey chose to pursue a romance with Jesse instead. Although Darcey said she was loyal to Jesse, Tom always seemed to be in the back of her mind.

As soon as Darcey and Tom got to know each other better over the phone and video chat, she found him friendly and supportive.

Darcey grumbled about being in love again, and she was convinced that this time it would be different, because her dynamism with Tom was healthy and positive.

“With Jesse it felt like a false love, but I feel that Tom is the right one for me,” Darcey told the cameras.

However, Darcey’s twin sister Stacey was concerned that Darcey would take things too quickly and hurt herself. She accused Darcey of having unrealistic expectations and Tom of not being ready to settle down, but Darcey just wanted everyone to be happy for her.

Darcey said she even had a beautiful ring to prove that Tom cared for her, and she wore it on her left hand. (Jesse would have blasted her on social media because it was a fake engagement ring).

However, there were red flags that Darcey might have ignored. Tom didn’t want to pick her up at the airport because she hadn’t had time to freshen up, and he flirted with Darcey’s friend on FaceTime when the girls started drinking in the United States.

Darcey wondered how Tom acted when she wasn’t there, but she knew she had to be confident and not insecure.

“I wouldn’t meet him if I didn’t think he was ready to settle down … but I took advantage of it with Jesse and I don’t want this to happen again,” Darcey said in a confessional.

She later said: “I hope Tom is who he says he is personal. I will guard my heart a little, but at the same time it is open to the real deal.”

Tom admitted to cameras that he had lived the bachelor lifestyle and had many wives before Darcey.

Tom claimed that he wanted to settle down and build a relationship along the bedroom, but apparently this was unknown territory for him.

Tom said Darcey was romantic and could put a smile on his face in the darkest days. He thought Darcey Silva was an extremely attractive woman and said he couldn’t keep her eyes off her.

Tom also helped Darcey Silva get through her relationship with Jesse, showing that he really had to take care of her.

'90 Day Fiance':Did Tom Brooks end up falling for Darcey?

As a result, Tom did not want to treat Darcey as a stand for one night, so when she arrived in London, he booked a separate room for her in a hotel.

Tom’s sister Emma then revealed that Tom had walls because he had been seriously injured before and he didn’t seem ready to settle down.

Tom admitted to his sister Emma that Darcey Silva loved him, but it is difficult to say anything back. Tom would not even acknowledge that Darcey Silva was his girlfriend and said they were just an “item” and “more than friends.”

“I am not really at the stage of thinking where I am going to settle down, get married, have children and move to her country or move here. I am at the point where I meet someone I have been really good friends and I am going see where it goes, “Tom told Emma.

Tom said that Darcey Silva lived in “a little fantasy” when it comes to romance and he didn’t want to rush things.

“I want to take my time, and I hope she won’t be upset,” said Tom in a confessional.

Darcey and Tom finally met in a restaurant and he thought she looked even better than her pictures.

Darcey admitted that Tom “looked a little different” than his photos, but she was more interested in what he had to offer on the inside than on the outside.

Tom wasn’t sure if Darcey Silva thought it was great to see him in person for the first time, but she assured him he was even better than what she had expected.

Darcey said Tom wasn’t exactly fit “like a gym boy,” but that’s not really what she wanted. She said he had the “it factor” with his handsome appearance and good style.

But once Tom had told the news that Darcey Silva had her own room, she was certainly surprised. After having known each other for four years and flirting over the phone, she couldn’t believe Tom didn’t want to spend the night with her.

“Darcey Silva is coming very strong,” Tom told the cameras.

Darcey Silva appreciated the fact that Tom behaved like a gentleman, but she also wanted to feel that Tom really loved her – and she wasn’t sure. Darcey thought their relationship was on a different level and they might not have been on the same page.

After dinner Tom took Darcey to her Air BnB and she insisted that their chemistry was there.

When the couple arrived at the Air BnB, Darcey couldn’t believe how beautiful the room was. Tom told Darcey that she was beautiful, funny, attractive and had chosen the wrong men. That said, she broke into tears.

Darcey said she felt stronger than ever, but never wanted a man to “flap” her again. Darcey Silva cried how nice it was to have Tom push her and pull her chair out during dinner.

“I hope you don’t feel that way when I do something fun,” Tom Darcey said in a rather surprising response.

He then told the cameras that Darcey is “a very emotional person.”

“It’s something I’m not used to. It’s something that I don’t find particularly attractive. It’s supposed to be a first-date scenario; it’s supposed to be fun,” Tom told the cameras.

'90 Day Fiance':Did Tom Brooks end up falling for Darcey?

Tom said Darcey wore her heart on her sleeve, which was different for him. But Darcey felt close to him and believed that she could open up to him everywhere.

During their first night together, Darcey cried and asked Tom to stay with her, and he said it felt like “being careful.”

“If it continues like this, it may not be the romantic getaway that I thought it would be,” Tom told the cameras.

The couple apparently did nothing but sleep, but it was definitely not a romantic evening.

Tom said that Darcey had been drinking too much and was snoring in her sleep. Moreover, he accused her of accidentally slapping him in the face at night, causing his nose to bleed. Tom found Darcey that night “difficult to deal with.”

Darcey was a little ashamed, but at the same time he was happy that Tom had put her to bed safely and healthily.

Tom then planned a beautiful day for Darcey and himself, hoping that they could start fresh and have a better day together. They took a romantic boat trip and Darcey felt she was in a fairy tale. She loved to see his side of the world.

With a glass of champagne, Darcey then asked Tom where they were in their relationship. She felt they had been dating for four years, but Tom said this was only their second date. He would not confirm that they were even exclusive to Darcey.

“I have seen other women. But I told them I would not see them again,” Tom said in a confessional. “I want to see where this goes with Darcey. I want to see if this love affair and romance, which it could be, could become something more in the long run.”

Darcey admitted it was “painful to hear” that Tom had seen other women until a week before her arrival. Tom suggested they were on trial and then Darcey acknowledged that she had accepted “too much, too quickly.”

Darcey later asked Tom to change their original plans to sail on a 60-foot yacht in Gran Canaria instead of traveling to Albania, where Stacey was staying with her boyfriend.

Darcey wanted to hear from Stacey that Tom was the right man for her, and so reluctantly but ultimately obliged.

After the couple had played cricket together, Darcey said she was “ready for some passion.” But Tom didn’t seem ready. Darcey Silva therefore began to feel insecure and wondered if she should withdraw.

Darcey admitted that she ‘fell in love’ with Tom, but something was ‘a bit wrong’. She knew he cared for her because he had agreed to go to Albania, but Darcey was afraid that Tom “was holding something.”

Tom was more reserved in his behavior than Darcey and wondered if Darcey’s exaggerated words were sincere and genuine. He was not used to women being so open and vulnerable, and so he almost seemed annoyed. Darcey was so grateful and enthusiastic about everything he did for her.

“Part of me is worried that sexual chemistry may not be there, but I hope there will be fireworks. I mean, I just want to feel his passion. I’m so ready for that,” Darcey said in a confessional.

Darcey and Tom finally made love, and according to Darcey the passion was there.

The couple agreed that the night was romantic, and Darcey noted that it was “eternal,” and she was happy that they had finally “closed the deal.”

'90 Day Fiance':Did Tom Brooks end up falling for Darcey?

Tom was happy that the couple had waited to be intimate and he couldn’t wait to see where their relationship led.

Darcey said the night pushed them 10 steps in the right direction and it was “such a relief.” She finally felt they were on “the same page.”

While shopping in the city, the couple walked past a jewelry store and Darcey Silva pointed out that she likes white diamonds. Tom noted that Darcey put a lot of pressure on engagement and getting married, but he wanted to take his time with the relationship to make sure she is the only one.

Tom simply didn’t want to rush anything and he warned Darcey that he would not fall on one knee “now.” Darcey Silva seemed to understand, but she told the cameras that maybe she could change her mind because Tom seemed to fall for her.

Tom then brought Darcey to a club, where she met some girls who happened to be Tom’s good friends. However, had dated three or four months with one of the women named Roucelle.

Darcey thought it was “a bit strange” that he had invited an ex-girlfriend to come with them, but Darcey Silva wanted to be nice and hoped his friends would accept her.

Tom told the cameras that Roucelle didn’t really have a filter, so he didn’t know what to expect or how the night would go. Tom wouldn’t even tell his friends that he and Darcey were exclusive or boyfriend / girlfriend.

Roucelle admitted that Tom was “sometimes quite disconnected with his emotions” during the meeting. She warned Darcey that Tom tended to disappear and close himself.

Darcey told Roucelle that she wanted to dig deeper and make more connection, but Roucelle pointed out that this would be difficult.

Tom admitted that he had walls and was guarded because he had been engaged twice before, and both times the women left him.

“Maybe I can’t commit because of the way things used to be,” said Tom in a confessional.

Roucelle thought Darcey Silva seemed “very nice,” but she told Tom she couldn’t imagine them together if Darcey Silva left the table to go to the bathroom.

Tom could not admit that he was in love and Roucelle insisted that Tom was not “emotionally capable” of feeling or embracing his emotions.

Darcey and Tom then flew together to Albania so that Tom could meet Stacey and Stacey’s fiancé. Tom called the trip “a finger in the eyes”, but he knew that relationships are all about compromise.

Darcey revealed that Stacey’s fiance is a 27-year-old fitness model. Darcey claimed that they did not have the same taste in men, except for the fact that they are attracted to foreigners.

Darcey was very enthusiastic about the meeting, but she really wanted Stacey to approve of her relationship. The last time Stacey had met a friend of Darcey’s, it was Jesse Meester and Stacey just wasn’t a fan.

Darcey acknowledged that Stacey insisted that Jesse was bad for her all the time, but Darcey never listened – and she probably should have.

Tom thought he’d learn a lot about Darcey by seeing her deal with her twin sister, but what he learned wasn’t all right.

'90 Day Fiance':Did Tom Brooks end up falling for Darcey?

First of all, the meeting had a bad start because Stacey and her fiancé were 40 minutes later for dinner. Tom joked about waiting nine hours for the arrival of Stacey, who didn’t seem to be doing well.

Darcey Silva also seemed a bit irritated. Stacey was completely excited, and then Tom admitted that he would rather be alone in Gran Canaria with Darcey. Stacey called Darcey “a free spirit,” while Tom seemed more structured, like Darcey’s ex Jesse.

Stacey noticed that Darcey “smiled a lot more” around Tom, and Darcey said she could imagine moving to and living in London, England. If Tom had asked the question on this point, Darcey would have said yes.

However, Tom noted that Darcey Silva was acting as if they would soon be engaged, and Tom told the cameras that it was “awkward” because he still had to decide what he really thought about Darcey.

Darcey Silva said that she and Stacey were each other’s best friend, but sometimes they could also be enemies because their relationship was so unique.

“I don’t think we’re jealous of each other, I think it’s just about one person doing something more than the other,” Darcey explained.

The girls squabbled a little for their men, while Stacey accused Darcey of always trying to ‘locate’ her. Neither of the sisters knew for sure that the other wanted to see her happy.

Darcey was upset because Tom saw things she didn’t want him to see. She also became emotional about her relationship with Stacey and how Tom might have experienced it.

So are Tom and Darcey still together?

A season preview for a future episode shows Darcey Silva that she loves Tom when he stands next to her, but he says nothing.

However, Darcey said she was still in a relationship with Tom and that they were happy during an early August interview with Newsweek.

“We are very good. We are very happy. Things have been great and some people can see it that way and some people can see it in a different way,” Darcey Silva said.

“You will have to go through the journey with us.”

Darcey Silva added in her interview that Tom is “a great guy” and “a great guy”.

“We have a really deep bond and a lot in common … I love his voice. It’s very sexy, very James Bond,” she said.

Darcey Silva also explained that it is a good thing that Tom is closer to her own age than Jesse when they went out.

“He is older. He has lived life. He is a jetsetter. He owns his own business. He has a lot of experience in life and elevates me. I never feel abandoned,” Darcey Silva told Newsweek.

“It was something that I had to explore, because maybe he was the one, so I decided to do that trip again. I don’t regret it.”

But Darcey’s social media currently provide few indications that she and Tom are still going out.

Darcey Silva had posted some pictures of Tom in the last two months, but they have all been deleted since then!

On September 4, Darcey posted a picture of Tom and wrote it: “Living legend! With my heart wide open and all love. My rock! Perfect gentleman with a heart of gold!”

And in mid-August, Darcey Silva shared a photo on Instagram of Tom who took a selfie and enjoyed his handsome 45-degree appearance.

“Keep an eye on the price,” she wrote.

Darcey Silva also deleted a photo she had from Tom’s dating app profile that she had endorsed with a heart.

There are also no signs that Darcey Silva has left the United States since January when she published a close-up photo of Tom who wore her and her designer boots on a cobbled street while visiting the United Kingdom.

“Getting carried away in London,” Darcey Silva wrote the image that did not reveal Tom’s face at the time.

As for Tom’s Instagram, his account has been made private.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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