90 Day Fiancé’s Aladin Jallali Wishes Ex Laura ‘Luck with Future Men’

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Aladin Jallali, 90 Day Fiancé, wishes his ex-wife Laura “luck with her future men.” The shady episode was delivered via Instagram, in what appears to be a messy public break.

The couple May-December came together online and started a relationship quickly. Aladin, 29, suggested Laura, 51, just three short days after they met in person, and the couple’s love story took place during the inaugural season of 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way. The show follows Americans who leave the house to live in the land of their other half. It may be a considerable culture shock to some, ranging from the comfort of living in the United States, and then adapting to a change in safety standards, support system, diet or shelter. Therein lies the addictive nature of the show: seeing who can hack it and whose relationship is faltering.

During the drama-filled reunion show, host Shaun Robinson seemed dumbfounded when Laura and Aladin had a controversial exchange. Laura struggled to understand his sudden apathy toward their marriage, as well as his resentment toward her. “Why can you do things, but can’t I do things?” She pleaded. Aladin sighed and replied, “Oh my god,” and the two started bickering back and forth. Aladin accused his wife of being disrespectful and not giving up their marriage, and Laura’s frustration eventually prevailed and asked, “If I don’t care, why do I fight for our marriage if I don’t care?” by saying: “No, you do not fight for your marriage. You fight for yourself. “In the end, however, Aladin later wished” her good luck with her future men “in an Instagram post (via E!).

Laura and Aladin had their ups and downs during the season. Although he seemed devoted to his wife, Laura felt they had intimacy issues. She struggled to overcome them with the use of sex toys. Aladin claimed that her physical needs were an attack on his masculinity. Then there was Laura’s son Liam who agreed with the union before, during and after the marriage. He warned his mother that Aladin would leave her, just like all the other men before him. Finally, there was Aladin’s conservative culture in which Laura had problems assimilating. Their on-camera report was always warm and approachable, but they clearly had some underlying issues that were never solved. Those problems were exacerbated by Laura’s accusations that Aladin lost her interest in her as soon as she experienced financial setbacks.

No matter what or who is actually the core of their split, Aladin and Laura once claimed that they loved each other. The K-1 Visa process should not be taken lightly, so the use of the media to fight their battles destroys the thousands of couples who want to legitimize their unions. If Laura strives for relationships with ‘future men’, she will hopefully choose a partner that suits her better socially and culturally.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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  1. I believe in Loren 💯%. She is a beautiful person inside and out. And I am so happy for her on her pregnancy. It’s just a shame someone like Laura has to do something that takes away 1 second of that happiness.

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