90 Day Fiance’s- Angela Deem Shocks Fans With New Look

90 Day Fiance's- Angela Deem Shocks Fans With New Look

A month after her weight loss surgery, Angela Deem has lost a whopping 90 kilos. The 55-year-old American reality TV star has proudly flaunted her stunning body in a variety of outfits.

As paparazzi captured her stunning look, the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After star looked radiant with her renewed confidence.

It looks like it’s time for the Georgian grandma to rock stylish activewear. She wore skin-tight yoga pants with casual sandals and a chic tank top. Michael’s wife never shied away from talking about the details of her weight loss.

She was quite straightforward in revealing that she wanted to improve her looks for her husband because of their huge age gap. She even went so far as to say that she would have died without her weight loss surgery.

Although it seems seamless on the outside, Angela Deem has previously stated that the first three months after the surgery were really difficult for her. As reported by Radaronline, it was not only a physical procedure, but also a highly emotional journey.

90 Day Fiance’s- Angela Deem Shocks Fans With New Look

Angela Deem officially revealed her weight loss transformation with an article titled “Meet the new Angela” about her. US Weekly called it a total lifestyle change. She wore a gorgeous red dress with radiant black heels. In the caption, she wrote that she was happy to show fans her newly transformed photos.

Although most of the comments about Angela Deem’s huge body transformation were positive, she received some criticism for promoting gum for weight loss.

As soon as critics pointed out that she embarrassed her husband Michael at Tell All, she diverted their attention to another update on her weight loss. Sporting a cute pair of activewear with her hair in a coiffure, Angela Deem promoted gum for weight loss on her Instagram.

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