90 Day Fiancé’s Mursel Isn’t Excited About Leaving Turkey for Nebraska

90 Day Fiancé’s Mursel Isn’t Excited About Leaving Turkey for Nebraska

From the new party of 90 day fiance cast members, the beekeeper couple Anna and Mursel finally meet on American territory. After a few days in Nebraska, however, Mursel is not very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​staying and he already misses his homeland of Turkey.

38-year-old Anna met 38-year-old Mursel when they made contact online through their shared passion for beekeeping. Despite the language barrier, the two started talking and a romance flourished. The full-time mother of three met Mursel in his home country of Turkey, the two were engaged through social media. Apart from the obvious communication problems, it was revealed that the van Mursel family does not know that his future bride is already a mother and would not approve of having children outside of marriage. Mursel landed in America last week and the public left the two alone for their first night to be reunited.

Only two episodes of the season, the drama has already begun for this pair. The public catches up with beekeepers after their first night together and it seems that their first night together in America was a success. They drive to Nebraska to return to Anna’s house, where he will meet her three children for the first time, and that is when he declares his destination for the landscape and farmland of Nebraska. As expected, the language barrier makes for an extremely difficult first encounter with Anna’s children. Anna’s three sons announce that they will not easily divorce him from the family. Although that Mursel doesn’t seem to be phasing, it just seems to give him the taste of the pizza. Mursel makes it very known that he is not happy with how American pizza relates to the pizza at home in Turkey.

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After a conversation of exchanging one or two words and speaking via a translator app, the collapse worthy of the evening is over. Mursel speaks to the camera and reveals that he is not very excited about being in Nebraska and missing his homeland. He says, “I don’t have much excitement in me. I miss Turkey.” After settling in, Anna took Mursel to meet her mother. The already uncomfortable journey became even worse as Anna’s mother evokes controversial cultural differences and the fact that Mursel’s family is unlikely to accept Anna’s children.

It seems that Anna and Mursel have to do their job to get their families aboard their marriage within 90 days. From the current situation, it seems that these two will face too many difficulties with language barriers, cultural differences and secrets that might disappear with them. It seems that they differ more than similarities and fans are not sure if their love of beekeeping can keep their marriage together.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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