90 Day Fiance’s Robert Reveals He Has 5 Kids with 4 Different Women

90 Day Fiance’s Robert Reveals He Has 5 Kids with 4 Different Women

Star of 90 Day Fiancé, Robert drops a bomb on the audience. During an argument Anny revealed that Robert actually has five children with four different women.

41-year-old Robert and 30-year-old Anny met on social media and the two spoke for six months every day. Robert, who lives in Winter Park, Florida, booked a cruise with a one-day stopover in the Dominican Republic, so he could finally meet Anny in person. The couple spent eight blissful hours together in the Dominican Republic, where Robert Anny offered that first day without a ring. They have applied for the K1 visa and now Anny is in the US. Because Robert has a full-time job at a ride sharing company, he has indicated that he expects Anny to quit and that mother is for Bryson, whom he looks after full-time, because his biological mother is no longer in the picture.

In last week’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé (through Entertainment Tonight), Robert revealed that he has more children than fans suspected. The audience has only seen his 4-year-old son, Bryson, who lives with him and had the impression that he was his only child. But after last week’s episode, it was revealed that he still has four children. Robert revealed, “I have five beautiful children from four different women.”

90 Day Fiance’s Robert Reveals He Has 5 Kids with 4 Different Women

The bomb was unveiled at the end of the episode after Robert and Anny got into a fight over Robert at dinner who still had pictures on Facebook of him with his exes. During the argument, Anny reveals to viewers that Robert actually has five children and not just the son that fans expected. Robert admitted that he was a bit of a “player” in the past and that he has those five children with four different wives. Then Robert explained that apart from taking full care of Bryson, he doesn’t see much of his other children. The argument goes on, and after Robert was confronted with screenshots of the photos that are still on social media of his exes, he explains that he doesn’t want to remove them in case his children ever want to see them. Anny then claims to the cameras that Robert told her about his other four children only a few days before she moved to America.

The enormous discovery of Robert’s other four children left the audience shocked. Because he doesn’t have much room in the lives of his other four children, fans can assume that he probably won’t show them on the camera or introduce them to Anny. Because Anny knew about the other children before she arrived, she knew what she was getting into, but fans still wonder if this will become a point of contention in Robert and Anny’s already rocky relationship and if it will marry their prospects within the timeframe of 90 days.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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