90 Day Fiancé’s Tania Calls Out Syngin for Being too Clingy

90 Day Fiancé’s Tania Calls Out Syngin for Being too Clingy

In the recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Tania leaves for a trip to Costa Rica for 30 of the 90 days that she and her South African fiancée, Syngin’s time together in America before they get married. Syngin took her to the airport and Tania calls him the affectionate man she once dated with the cameras and producers.

29-year-old Tania and 29-year-old Syngin met after Tania had gone to South Africa to meet another man from a dating app. After that relationship had crashed and burned, Tania still decided to make the trip and that’s where she met bartender Syngin. After meeting him, she went home with him that night and stayed with her new husband in his South African home for months. In all probability they seem to be a suitable couple, but it is the lack of agreement about this couple that worries the public. Tania comes out as stubborn, picky and bossy to blow, while Syngin is as easy as they come and is in no hurry to start a family.

The political activist announced in last Sunday’s episode that she will leave 30 of the 90 days she has to go to Costa Rica to become a herbalist. According to reports, Tania had already postponed this trip twice to become the “witch doctor”. Although her foreign fiancée is in the U.S. and is unable to leave due to the rules of the K-1 visas, she just didn’t want to wait another year. Needless to say, Syngin was not happy to do gardening to earn his living by staying alone in Tania’s mother’s backyard in the unfinished barn for 30 days, but he still encouraged her to go on a trip.

90 Day Fiancé’s Tania Calls Out Syngin for Being too Clingy

As they were on their way to the airport, the couple discussed what their relationship will be like for the next 30 days while Tania will be gone. They discussed how different their emotional needs are, because Syngin wants to talk on the phone as often as possible during the day, while Tania doesn’t need it that much. Syngin said (via Cheatsheet): “I know I need a lot of attention from you. I know you won’t be available that much.” Tania wanted to find a compromise and get together ‘in the middle’, but revealed that his ‘need is much more’ and that she did not ‘need to talk as much’ as he did. Tania then revealed to the cameras and said, “Syngin is absolutely the most affectionate man I’ve ever been with.” She then kept explaining that he sometimes wants to talk at work during the lunch break. She revealed that she wished he had more faith in their love and that it didn’t depend on how often they talked.

It seems that the two were able to express their concerns and Tania and he left on good terms. He even gave her a custom-made gift, a wooden heart with their romantic motto cut into it. Tania has been criticized by fans for being overly bossy, critical and even cold towards Syngin. And fans gather around Syngin because they are such a sentimental, loving and supportive friend. Although there are rumors that the couple has been split, it is still unclear and fans should keep looking this season to find out if these two will live happily ever after or not.

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