’90 Day Fiancé’:Tarik Myers and Dean Hashim insult Malcolm

'90 Day Fiancé':Tarik Myers and Dean Hashim insult Malcolm

Fans have recently made quite nasty comments about 90 Day Fiancé star Tim Malcolm. Strangely enough, they claim that he is transgender, because they say he is not male enough. God forbids a man how to dress and care properly.

Tim Malcolm has since addressed the fans’ comments, but now Tarik Myers and Dean Hashim are throwing extra fuel on the fire. Meanwhile, Tim has to deal with disapproval of the father of Jeniffer Taranoza.

Tim Malcolm addressed fan comments

90 Day Fiancé fans tear in Tim Malcolm since his debut at the show. Fans seem to depend mainly on the care and manner of dressing Malcolm. They seem to insist that his behavior is “effeminate” and have commented on the fact that Tim Malcolm may be a transman.

Claims like this are offensive in themselves and come from a place that is not very socially progressive. It is not really a matter of someone, whether someone is transgender or not, and labeling female behavior as an indication of someone’s possible transition is a harmful, stereotypical judgment.

Timothy Malcolm has since dealt with the comments. A fan asked Tim Malcolm why he behaves diligently during an Instagram Q&A. Malcolm was not impressed. “I’ve never had a problem with a girlfriend, so there are clearly women who love men like me,” Malcolm replied.

He added: “Yes, I knew I would have haters. The transgender comments were not expected. Tim Malcolm further said that he does not consider himself feminine – a concept that becomes more and more obsolete – but that he considers himself a metrosexual.

Tarik Myers and Dean Hashim insult Malcolm

During a recent episode of The Domenick Nati Show, Dean Hashim decided to continue the rumors and judgments about the behavior of Tim Malcolm and transgender people in general.

“They cross [Tim] his legs, man, it doesn’t look like he has a few balls in between. I don’t know a man, I can’t even cross my legs like that man, I’m blessed, you know what I mean “I can’t cross my legs like that. He crosses his legs more feminine than they do.” Said Hashim.

Hashim added, “This is what I think, because look man, me and my brother said recently, he said,” Yo, I think that used to be a woman turning herself into a man. He’s trying to grow up here, you know. It is not yet ready, it is not yet fresh from the oven man. He can’t pull his pants down, you know? I think what it is, if they get that sex change, they have to give it time to grow that godfather, like a sprout. “

Jeniffer’s father is not impressed

Meanwhile, Hashim and Myers are not the only people who are not impressed by Tim Malcolm. The 90-day fiance-star recently left no positive impression on the father of Jeniffer Taranoza. Malcolm worked with Jeniffer’s father on their farm so he could see if Malcolm could help run the business in the future.

Suffice to say, things didn’t go swimming. When Jeniffer asked her father what he thought of Malcolm, he said, “I think he’s someone who doesn’t learn things that fast.”

Taranoza said about Malcolm: “Well, he is very beautiful in many ways. To me he seems responsible and interesting.”

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