A company is paying for two people to travel the world… But they need to be strangers

Occasionally one of these jobs of your life comes forward. Get paid to eat Doritos and see The Wire of Get paid, for example, to test hoverboards in Hawaii.

With this there is always a catch – and rightly so, given the great benefits you get.

The most recent of these have a catch that could actually be the start of a brilliant friendship or love story, because a tour operator pays two people to travel around the world – only if they have never met them before.

Tour Radar and Intrepid Travel are looking for a few people who are obsessed with wanderlust and who are not too busy to be filmed as part of their promotional video.

The lucky two get a fully paid trip of their lives, valued at more than $ 22,000 per person in return. The journey will include five different countries; each on a different continent, but the details are a surprise until you go.

It takes 50 days to complete your tour with all-inclusive experiences, so you and your new travel companion will probably have made the best friends by the time it’s over.

To make a chance, you have to send a 2-minute video application to the travel organizations to show why you are one of the people for the job.

On the website, Tour Radar states: “Serious bonus points are awarded to everyone who succeeds in distinguishing themselves from the rest. We think: public places. A great spectacle. All the bells and whistles. It is up to you. But the bigger your voice, the more we want to meet you. ‘

From there – and subject to the fact that you have the biggest vote – your application will be assessed by three travel experts who make the final decision.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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