A New Study Suggests That Owning A Dog Ups Your Fitness Level

Dogs are the best. They are good at cuddling, protecting, greeting and licking a sandwich if you don’t look – what … you must be angry, but I mean, look at that face! And just when you thought our four-legged friends couldn’t get any better, they also seem to make us healthier. According to a study reported by The New York Times, dog owners seem to be more physically active than non-dog owners. If you’re a dog owner, you probably think: “Duh, I can’t even say ‘walk’ or grab President Pierce’s leash without him being completely afraid of going out for his daily walk. Sometimes I say the word ‘walk’ “And he still understands. I’m taking about seven walks a day right now, because what am I going to do to disappoint a dog like a monster?” That is, I suppose, a long thought to have, but is The proof that having a pet even makes your mind work harder!

But this is why this research is still interesting, even if you knew anecdotally that this was the case. Although previous research has suggested that dog owners are at least slightly more physically active than dogs without dogs, those studies were limited in scope. To better understand the impact of pet ownership on active lifestyles, the University of Liverpool looked at 385 households in West Cheshire UK and asked 694 participants about their lives and pets and then followed the physical activity of a few families.

The researchers chose to focus on a specific community so that those surveyed and monitored had the same access to parks, sidewalks, and other exercise facilities. Slightly more than half of the study participants were female and the participants were mostly middle-aged to older adults, although about 70 children also participated. A third of the participants were dog owners, although the study did not take into account differences in size, temperament or training of pets, and whether these factors affected the willingness of dog owners to walk their dogs.

The research found that people who own dogs emptied much more than dogs without dogs – on average about 200 minutes longer. According to the questionnaires and activity monitors, most dog owners walked about 300 minutes a week compared to their dogs without neighbors, who scored an average of 100 minutes a week.

The study further suggested that dog owners are generally more active, spend a little more time with aerobics exercises such as jogging and cycling, or visit the gym, and are four times more likely to get daily exercise guidelines. Which means that if you claim that your pet gets in the way of your gym time, you are probably unfair about yourself.

As a result, children growing up in households where dogs are kept walk about 100 minutes more per week than children without dogs, and play another 200 minutes a week with their pets, something sad children without children simply cannot do. These are all facts that we wished we had decades ago when we tried to find a way to have a puppy. However, it is too late for us. But not for the next generation. The children are really the (filled with dogs) future.

All this is great news for dogs and the people who love them, but that doesn’t mean you have to go to a puppy because you want to lose a few pounds. Speaking to the New York Times about the study, Dr. warned Carri Westgarth, a human-animal interaction teacher at the University of Liverpool and study leader:

“A dog is not just a tool to make us more physically active … but if you think you have the time, the tendency and the finances to take on the responsibility of having a dog, they are a great motivator to get out when you are different would have made up apologies for not doing it. ‘

So while owning a dog is much more likely to lead you to a more active lifestyle, that is no guarantee. And you should never adopt an animal that you have no time or resources to care for. But if you were on the dog or cat fence, this could be to the advantage of the dog team.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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