Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Opens Home for Abused Women in Memphis

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Opens Home for Abused Women in Memphis

I have no idea about you, but I grew up with Aerosmith songs played by every speaker in my house. There I was, a 6-year-old who sang “Dream On” and “Livin ‘on the Edge”, although I did not know what was behind it. Surely, as I got older, their songs have had an impact on my life and Aerosmith has become one of my favorite bands. After proving that Steven Tyler is still strong and giving something back to others over and over again, it’s really heartwarming. Especially for cases like these

What is the frontman of Aerosmith doing today? Steven Tyler has announced that he will open Janie’s home, a home for maltreated and neglected girls. Yes, the rock star not only created the safe haven, but also donated $ 500,000 to renovate the 82-acre home, which is located on the campus of Bartlett Youth Village outside of Memphis. Tyler participated in a dedication to “cut the scarf” to officially open the house, and explained his motive behind Janie’s home, named after Aerosmith’s song “Janie’s Got a Gun” in 1989. If you are unfamiliar with the song, it tells the story of a girl who was abused by her father, and later avenges him after years of suffering.

The singer explained how the inspiration for the song came when he started dealing with his own addiction problems. At his Co-dependency treatment center, he met several young women who had been emotionally and physically abused. To help these women overcome their problems, the singer decided to pour his feelings into the song in their honor. To help them find a safe place to escape, he decided to partner with Youth Villages, which runs facilities and programs for children across the country.

The primary purpose of the home is to raise awareness of the issue of neglect and abuse and generate financial support to ensure that girls receive the most effective services available to overcome abuse or trauma. The home looks after 14 girls at the same time, about 26 to 30 years a year, creating a safe place to stay as long as they need. Tyler also created a fund called Janie’s Fund, which has raised $ 4 million since opening. The first center was opened in 2017 in Atlanta. A third home is expected to open this year in Las Vegas.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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