Alaskan Bush People: ABP Family Is Steeped in Turmoil

“Life definitely hasn’t been easy,” says Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown, but that doesn’t stop him from showing love to the crew.

It hasn’t been easy, indeed. The Browns lost their beloved patriarch, Billy Brown, after a fatal stroke in February. Since then, his family has been struggling to adjust. Some, like eldest son Matt Brown, have come out on the other side of substance abuse – while also “revealing” shocking “secrets and truths” about his parents. Others, like Bear Brown himself, are just trying to keep the Alaskan Bush People train moving.

Through Bear Brown, we know the Discovery Channel’s hit show will have at least one more season. Inside, the Browns will pay tribute to their father as they deal with the aftermath of the devastating 2020 wildfires. For now, though, all we know is what the family shows and tells us. And on Thursday, Bear Brown appears to still be hard at work filming Alaskan Bush People.

In it, he shares shots of himself with three crew members, each with a big smile to match his own. Unfortunately, the “life definitely hasn’t been easy lately” part of Bear Brown’s sentiment has led to the reality star resetting her Instagram to maximum privacy settings. As a result, we can’t embed his photos here, as Outsider was able to do a few months after Billy Brown’s tragic death.

Alaskan Bush People: ABP Family Is Steeped in Turmoil

All in all, we can’t blame Bear Brown for resetting his profile back to those settings. Recently, his brother Matt Brown has been hit with a series of startling allegations that are making fans of the “Alaskan Bush People” question everything they thought they knew about the family.

Notably, Matt Brown has now shared a series of videos on his Instagram that he claims show just how terrible his family’s production has become and the ongoing struggles. It’s a tough batch of statements to swallow, but some “Alaskan Bush People” viewers have been anticipating this for a long time. After a terrifying chat about his time on the show, Matt Brown claims the production wanted to lock him in a “in a rubber room”. For him, the only option during his last days in the studio was to “escape to Washington”.

Apparently, during all of Matt Brown’s struggles with substance abuse, several counsellors and rehab professionals advised the then star to escape the show, which he says “making me lie all the time”. His statement is in line with persistent rumors about Alaskan Bush People staying on the air. Many viewers suspect the show is heavily scripted.

In addition, the Brown family’s past tax and legal troubles suggest that even the stars do not actually live “in the wilderness” as they claim. From Matt’s deeply personal 9-minute monologue, it sounds as if the show created a rather toxic atmosphere for him and his sisters.

Written by Emma Fisher

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