Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown İs Now Claiming He İs Not The Father

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown İs Now Claiming He İs Not The Father

Raiven Adams shared the first photographs of her son after Alaska Bush People’s star Bear Brown claimed in legal documents that he is not the father.

The young mother also said she had doubts about sharing the photos because ‘of hatred and hurtful words he doesn’t deserve’.

The 22-year-old Raiven Adams placed a series of photos on her private Instagram and made the announcement. The sun had already announced the birth of the child.

On the first photo, where the baby can be seen after the birth, she wrote: “First pictures ever of the river Anthony. He was born on 3/9/2020 at 7:15 a.m. emergency c section.”

Raiven Adams talked about how the Anthony River was placed under observation because he had underdeveloped lungs. She continued: “I have considered sharing my sweet baby with everyone. He doesn’t deserve it because of hate and hurtful words.

“He deserves the whole world and I want to give it to him. But I also realize that people who really want to know how he’s doing are coming from a good place.”

The young mother also talked about how she was willing to “do all this on her own as well as financially”.She also asked people to be “kind to my son when he comes into a life he didn’t ask for.

She closed the mail with: “He was only born a few days ago and he’s already saved my life.” Raiven Adams also shared more personal photos of the birth with a photo of her on the operating table, where River Anthony was presented to her.

In another photo, she is holding her newborn baby while he rests against her chest, carrying things to help him breathe. Sun only reported yesterday that Bear Brown had filed legal papers claiming that he is not the legal father of the newborn.

According to Alaskan court records obtained exclusively by The Sun, Bear Brown, 31, filed a petition for Disestablishment of Paternity against Raiven Adams, 22, on March 12.

If successful, the petition will terminate Bear Brown as River’s legal father, releasing him from the obligation to pay child support and other financial responsibilities.

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