Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown İs Trying To Distance Himself From His Ex’s Baby Son

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown İs Trying To Distance Himself From His Ex's Baby Son

Alaskan Bush People’s Bear Brown has submitted legal documents claiming that he is not the legal father of Raiven Adams’ newborn son, The Sun can report exclusively.

Just days after The Sun reported that the reality star and his ex-girlfriend had welcomed River Adams, Bear Brown and his highly-powered attorney made shocking legal moves on Thursday.

According to Alaskan court documents obtained exclusively from The Sun, Bear Brown, 31, filed a petition for determination of paternity against Raiven Adams, March 22, on March 12.

If successful, the petition will terminate River’s position as legal father and release him from child support and other financial responsibilities.

Raiven Adams has not yet responded to the petition and does not have a lawyer. This breakthrough comes days after the reality star welcomed his first child with his ex-girlfriend on March 9.

River – who weighed 4 pounds and 15 ounces – was born a few days after her mother’s request to end the short-term protection order against her famous ex, as revealed in Alaskan court documents. Bear Brown remained silent about the birth, revealing that a few days later he was “camping”.

Publishing a photo of him alone with the words, he wrote, “I’ve been camping alone! Bear Brown and Raiven Adams shared a tumultuous relationship and broke up for the last time this fall.

She had already filed a restraining order against the reality TV star in February, claiming that he had verbally abused her, threatened her with a gun and used cocaine.

Bear Brown denied having ever used drugs in a social media posting, but did not respond to the other allegations. Even though the order was temporarily granted, he later dropped it completely. A source told The Sun that the mom-to-be just wanted to “make up” with her ex and her famous family.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. The whole Bush family is fucked they must be eating magic mushrooms what a bunch of scammers I know Bush they are not ,inbreeding fuckers

  2. That’s because he is a pussy and can’t man up and take care of his responsibility. What kind of man does that. He is so hardcore butv when it comes time to man the fuck up he goes running like a fucking pussy his brothers should beat his fucking ass. He is a fucking joke.

    • If I were her.. I would defiantly have paternity testing done.. Who is he to weasel his way out of his responsibility to take care if this child who did not ask to be here!! Man up and do the right thing!! You claim to be this tough Alaskan bush MAN!! Then be a MAN!!

  3. Even though i dont feel , its fair to his child to not play a role in his life i kinda do understand, it would be very hard for him to have descent visitations with his child to bond after all of this happened or didnt gappen , also that wouldnt be fair to pay a large amount of child support for a son he wouldnt get to see offten , this is a sad day for all involved 😕

    • Taking care of your child has nothing to do with visitation. If this child is his he needs to pay what the court says is his portion of responsibility. He can always request visitation.

  4. I’m with other,Have a paternity test and be done.The relationship has been a mess from the beginning, but now they have a little one to consider, plz. don’t drag that baby through everything.Do what needs to be ďone!!

  5. If I were her.. I would defiantly have paternity testing done.. Who is he to weasel his way out of his responsibility to take care if this child who did not ask to be here!! Man up and do the right thing!! You claim to be this tough Alaskan bush MAN!! Then be a MAN!!

  6. Man this is a big one buddy please just say if river is yours you’ll be there for him bro woman can be difficult sometimes but if he’s your be there for the little guy not necessarily for her but for your boi if he’s yours. He will grow up and still love you unconditionally. Just don’t block him out just yet. bear we love you me and my family bought all your seasons and we know Yu have a good heart. Drugs don’t make yu yu bud your the only one who can choose what kind of man you become. Love angel

  7. Even though the comments are kinda harsh I agree with them totally he’s a little sackless bitch

  8. Wow a lot of harsh words for someone and anyone who dosent know exactly what’s going on. I think anyway, the sentence structure was so poor in just about all the comments that I’m not quite sure. Anyway, it still just amazes me what people think is alright to write instead of what they would actually say to someone’s face. People think it’s alright to say mean things in a comment, because they don’t have to see that person’s reaction, now that’s a pussy! Also what happened to the people writing the news, or anything for that matter? Bad spelling, bad sentence structure, everything!

  9. Aho Aloha Leave Bear alone! From the start I didn’t think he was the Father! I think she’s trying to scam him!! I think she was already pregnant when she met Bear!!!

  10. Baby sure looks like him, but what do I know? Have a paternity test done. If she’s lucky, he won’t be the father!

    • First off why are you involved with her while she’s twelve years younger,i can’t imagine what kind of conversations y’all had,secondly for you to disclaim a child puts a negative false light on your parents they tend to let off this sense of closeness and righteousness between the kids and them always talking about doing the right thing its shocking knowing they approved of the relationship Be a man like big brother take care of your kid, and be proud to be a daddy teach him when old enough about living off the grid….etc.
      I will be looking at the show now on with the side eye,now!!!!!

  11. That entire bunch is a scam. Billy Brown has brain washed the entire bunch and his poor wife can’t speak without his ok. Sorry Sorry

  12. So once the test is complete as asked for then if he turns out to be yours then drop the other paper and fight for your rights i told all my boys that they need paternity done so they are 100% sure and if it gets to child support at least they will never doubt that they are paying for their own cause there are too many cases of assumed paternity being wrong anymore besides doing it now the baby will never know the difference and you could still try to get bonding time to love that baby unconditionally

  13. I just wanna say I’ve watched this family from the beginning and have seen the good and bad he k they just a family but bear if this baby is URS u better step up uhave ur family support and by chance this baby isn’t URS then b careful next time away I hope if this baby is URS ur family will be there for him just saying

  14. You need to grow the fuck up first monkey boy before you have a child anyway, kindly hope hes not yours anyway!! Grow up at like a man.

    No be a man boy!!!!!

  15. DNA test is quick and easy with no drama. I got one with my son just got ease of mind this all could’ve been handled without all this. There’s something to this abusive claim. He’s trying to discredit her. His poor mother doesn’t deserve all this malarkey.

  16. A simple DNA test will prove one way or another if you are or aren’t the father. Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad. The only one who suffers here is the child and he didn’t ask to be born. You have two great parents who love you. What a wonderful feeling to have. If the DNA should prove you are the father be the best dad you can be. The road will be rocky no question but put your feelings aside for each other and don’t let the child be the one to suffer because .. He’s the only one who will.

  17. I would say he has done got a blood test done . because his mom and dad wouldn’t let him walk away from that baby if it was his becouse they love their grandbabies . love the show one thing he should of stayed of the internet and let it come all out on the show . he is young a dumb hope he has learned something from this.

  18. If he were so “EXTREME” like his dumbass always claims he would step up and be a man.Hes just mad cause that’s the first girl ever let his weird ass near them.Then she saw just exactly weird he was and ran like hell.Cant say I blame her.who would want to be around somebody that’s every other word was Extreme!!!!

  19. If he’s not the father, she won’t have a test done…that’ll screw her chance at getting big money . She was supposedly due in April, could that baby really be that small yet, one month before?

  20. I don’t see a the producers or the family helping her ,think he is piece of shit that bear for pulling all the crap he has ,you can tell she must have cared and just wanted him in there life somehow together hope this does not make it on there show if it does me and a very many people will not watch the show again

  21. Leave Bear Brown alone ass holes. Girls cheat and lie about who the father of their baby’s are all the time and I guarantee if you actually watched the show you’d see Raiven as the shit face and not Bear. I respect his decision! Leave him alone! Doubt any of you could even take them!

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