Alaskan Bush People: How İs Ami Doing Now After Her Cancer Remission?

Alaskan Bush People: How İs Ami Doing Now After Her Cancer Remission?

No matter how fake Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People is still accused of being, some things are impossible to fake. But if disease comes into play, the show can play a dangerous game. They often run into a line of viewers who think the show is a fake disease because of the drama.

In fact, Ami Brown of the Brown family actually had a lung cancer diagnosis as early as 2017. To be more precise, it was stage three, not small cell lung cancer. Although the survival rate was only 3% over a few years, it seems that Brown has managed to go into remission over the past year. In any case, being accused of falsifying it has been emotionally draining on all fronts.

Alaskan Bush People: How İs Ami Doing Now After Her Cancer Remission?

According to all the reports, she’s still holding up after surgery to remove the cancer in her lung a few years ago. However, Billy Brown noticed how rough it was to see her go through the ordeal. Said Brown to Radar Online last year, “In November, when everything was over – she was supposed to be cured – and she fell dead for about 20 minutes. It was horrible. We sat there and watched her go down every day, and I didn’t know whether I would lose her or not. It was a hard ordeal of destiny, I’ll tell you that.”

The good news is that her latest scans showed no signs of cancer after chemotherapy and radiation. Doctors continue to monitor her to make sure the cancer never recurs.

Yes, all this is more than a little sober and takes a fresh look at the Browns after former fans trampled them for faking Alaskan Bush People. Billy Brown continues to support the show as if he still has elements of truth, outside the evidence that they have recently lived in luxury.

There was also evidence that the family lived in a mansion in Los Angeles when Ami Brown was undergoing cancer treatment, according to Life and Style.

Alaskan Bush People: How Did Ami Face The Criticism?

Perhaps someone will question the fact of punishing the Browns when they see how Ami Brown has turned to her personal faith to overcome her critics. Since everyone lives in a world where many people pretended to have cancer for the sake of fame or to attract attention, Brown had to find a way to overcome those barriers in the media.

Part of that came in engaging her family for emotional support. It also brought drama, as she wanted their son (Matt Brown) back in her life after he left during the eighth season because of a drug problem.

All internal family dramas can be examined as another screenplay for their reality show. Cancer, however, will probably never be a fake plot on a reality show when the repercussions for faking it are beyond forgiveness.

Written by Meghan Mentell

TV writer
Canadian journalist


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