Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown could make a reality TV comeback

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown could make a reality TV comeback

Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown, also known as the son of reality stars Ami and Billy Brown, hasn’t always had it easy in life, despite the family’s impressive ability. From fighting drug addiction to alleged alienation from his big clan, Matt Brown has apparently been unable to take a break in recent years. The reality star shared details of his downward spiral with People in July 2016 and noted how his family was doing worse when he spent more time in Juneau, Alaska, an urban environment different from his upbringing in the state’s wilderness. “I’ve always been able to cope with city life, no problem,” he told the outlet. “But I started hanging out with people who were drunk. They didn’t have a problem with it, so when I was around them, I started drinking.”

Although these anecdotes are disturbing, your nerves will be reassured when you discover what Matt Brown of Alaskan Bush People is doing now.

Matt Brown could make a reality TV comeback

After Matt Brown completed rehabilitation in early 2019, some speculated he would return to Alaskan Bush People in an attempt to make a comeback. A source who chatted with Radar Online in August 2019 contributed to the speculation and told the outlet, “Matt is already back in California after spending a week with his family in Washington, but he really had a great trip home … to make it up to his father and they were able to make an agreement that would bring Matt back to the show for the season after this. “

At the time of this writing, season 11 of Alaskan Bush People is being broadcast on Discovery Channel. Matt is not mentioned as a cast member. According to the season’s description, “This season spring is descending on North Star Ranch, while the patriarch and matriarch of the clan, Billy and Ami, next generation Wolfpack, Bam, Bear, Gabe, Noah, Bird and Rain are strengthening their own position on the mountain to create a bigger, better, more sustainable version of Browntown. “

Of course, it’s possible Matt could make a cameo. Meanwhile, he seems to be doing well for himself…

Matt Brown is committed to sobriety

Even if Matt Brown does not return to reality TV, he is apparently committed to his well-being and sobriety. In September 2019, he placed a photo on Instagram of a gold coin etched with the popular religious quote: “God allows me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can change, and wisdom to know the difference. “He also added a powerful personal message to apparently celebrate the anniversary of his rehab stay: “A year and almost 2 months ago, I began a search for self-understanding and awareness to find a better way of living in the world It has changed my life forever for the better. This coin is a memory, never give up! Never surrender! “

Matt has continued to post uplifting messages on his Instagram account, showing that he is focusing on his life. This should be self-evident, but we wish Matt well in his recovery. And for that matter, this would be a good time to get back to what the Alaskan Bush people were doing before the celebrity.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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