Alaskan Bush People: Noah Brown Amps It Up for Rhain Alisha Brown

Alaskan Bush People: Noah Brown Amps It Up for Rhain Alisha Brown

Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown still talks about growing up in the bush where bathing just didn’t exist, so bathing was improvised. Now with a woman (Rhain Alisha Brown) and a new baby son, he is working hard to get his mountain house ready for the day when they can move in.

Although bathing may not be Noah’s concern, Rhain Brown makes it clear it is for her. This new woman who joins the Alaskan Bush People needs more than a bucket of water from the stream to clean up. It seems that Rhain gently reminds her husband Noah Brown that he does too.

Alaskan Bush People: Noah Brown Amps It Up for Rhain Alisha Brown

Besides the rather one-sided attempt to make his tent safe, Noah Brown tries to give his little family more space. So he builds an addition. Another room the size of the original tent goes up next to his home in Alaska Bush People. Instead of canvas, Noah constructs this addition with wood.

It seems that Noah Brown has got it all figured out. The new father makes it small enough to fly under the radar of the destination rules. But if this house was just for him, walls and a roof would be enough for Noah Brown. Except it isn’t, the house is for his wife, Rhain Brown, and son, Elijah Brown.

While Rhain tells the Alaskan Bush People camera that, although she is now a bushwoman, she still needs water. Noah seems to understand this and designs an outdoor shower with a boiler for his wife.

Shower for Two – It Sounds Like That Won’t Happen

Because this is a reality show, you don’t know how much of what you see and hear has been added for drama. With the shower almost ready, Rhain Brown tries to tackle Noah’s lack of baths.

She tries to seduce her Alaskan Bush People spouse to take a shower at least once a week. That doesn’t seem to fly with Noah Brown.

The new daddy refers to only bathing on Saturday nights. He only uses the amount of H20 contained in a water bottle. He tells Rhain it’s okay with him.

In the past, the brothers and sisters of the Alaskan Bush People demonstrated their bathing rituals in the show. They use a shampoo made with stuff found on the forest floor. Bear Brown once gave a demonstration that looked like he was dirtier than when he started his bathing ritual.

Alaskan Bush People: Don’t Get Down Wind?

It is not known if Rhain hints at romance when mentioning her hubby Alaskan Bush People that he might want to try a shower. Or if Rhain Brown’s nose told her that Noah Brown might need more than a weekly splash of water.

But in last week’s episode you see Bear Brown moving in for a hug with Noah. But Bear stops quickly and waves his hands before the hug takes place.

It looks like he’s trying to wave the air away. He waves his hands as someone might when he tries to get rid of an evasive scent in the room. That was short-lived when the two brothers quickly started a conversation about Noah’s gallbladder. He had Bear’s ear with how the doctors took it out of his navel.

Then they hugged it like brothers. Yet Noah seems to think that washing up in a stream once a week is still good hygiene for him.

Although the shower wasn’t finished yet, Rhain Brown tried to get Noah Brown used to the idea of showering. Rhain also tells the Alaskan Bush People cameras that this is something she cannot do for herself.

Alaskan Bush People went from their traditional time lock on Sunday night to Wednesday night on the Discovery Channel. A new season rolled out a few weeks ago. New episodes will be aired on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. EST.

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