Alaskan Bush People: Rain Brown Has Shared A Snap With Sister Snowbird Amid Her Brother’s Abuse Claims.

Alaskan Bush People: Rain Brown Has Shared A Snap With Sister Snowbird Amid Her Brother's Abuse Claims.

Alaskan Bush People’s star Rain Brown went on Instagram to share a positive message amidst the claims of her brother Bear.

The 17-year-old told her followers to “stay strong” while posing for self-pity with her older sister Snowbird.

The two look almost identical as they smile for the selfish one in the snow.

Next to the sweet pop, Rain Brown wrote, “Twins?!? #Stay strong, stay happy, stay strong, stay strong, stay strong, stay strong.” The fans hurried to compliment the picture, with just one inscription: “Awwwwhhhhh – this big one of you two!!!”

Another one said, “A sister bond is the best friend you can have. beautiful girls.” Rain Brown has previously posted a similar message on a photo of her and Bear during the holidays.

In the post, which was shared with her profile on Christmas Day, the brothers and sisters look happy standing next to the tree in matching outfits.

Bear – who is currently in the middle of a drama involving his pregnant ex-girlfriend Raiven Adams – wears a red vest, pants and a shirt.

Rain Brown put the caption to the snap: “I wish a Merry Christmas to you and yours! May God bless you with hot meals, close hugs and lots of love!

Bear Brown will no doubt need all the support he can get from his family after his ex filed a restraining order against him.

The Sun US has revealed exclusively that Raiven Adams filed the order and accused the star of reality of “abusive, erratic” behavior, gun threats and cocaine use.

In court documents obtained for the first time from The Blast, the 23-year-old wrote that the Alaskan Bush People star started “screaming, banging things, keeping me from leaving the rooms”.

She said he told her his behavior was caused by “cocaine,” which Bear later denied. The mother-to-be also said that he started threatening to “kick her out” and started “withholding food and money” when she expressed concern about her alleged drug abuse.

Brought to social media last week, Bear Brown revealed that he was sad about the situation, sharing an image and writing alongside, “I’m heartbroken, can I have some glue? The couple is ready to have a baby in April.

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