Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams Has Been Visiting Her Son İn Hospital Every Day

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams Has Been Visiting Her Son İn Hospital Every Day

The estranged ex-boyfriend of Alaska Bush People’s Bear Brown shared a heartbreaking video of her preemie son after she vowed to keep him away from the reality star.

Raiven Adams, 22, visits their son River every day at the hospital since he was born prematurely 10 days ago, while still enjoying a camping trip.

Raiven Adams posted a video on her private Instagram account revealing that it was the first time she had been allowed to take it and rock it.

She said, “My biggest blessing the first time I rock my sweet boy praying that I can take you home soon.

The new mom was inundated with messages of support, as one follower said, “It breaks my heart. He is so perfect and precious,” and another fan wrote, “He is so beautiful. God bless you.”

Yesterday she said she desperately wants to protect her son, writing, “Pray that he will leave the hospital soon. “So that he can get away from so many people… This virus and some other little things about my pregnancy had made it so difficult for me to enjoy it.

Bear Brown and his ex-Raiven took in their baby just three days after she withdrew the restraining order against him.

But Bear Brown has not yet met her son, and the star shared a series of shots on her Instagram page where she seemed to be enjoying some fresh air during a camping trip.

Bear Brown’s update comes after he revealed a huge gash in his head on his social media page following an “accident”. In a photo you can see him posing for his camera after suffering a head injury earlier this week.

A follower asked, “Did you fall through the roof of that hut and that’s how you injured your head? The incident happened just one day after Raiven Adams made a furious outburst after seeing the reality star’s Instagram post where he finally admitted to being the father of the newborn River.

His post, which included a photo of her holding their baby, also said he was told about River’s arrival only days after the birth.

The insult aroused the anger of the new mother, who claimed she had been “mentally abused for months” and tried to contact her baby’s father several times during labor and after the birth.Raiven sent Bear Brown shared text messages that she said were sent to Bear Brown begging “Call me.

Written by Meghan Mentell

TV writer
Canadian journalist


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