Alaskan Bush People: Squeezing Yet Another Season Out of the Discovery Channel?

Alaskan Bush People Squeezing Yet Another Season Out of the Discovery Channel

Raquell and Gabe Brown may have their own reasons for keeping the baby hidden. Maybe the baby will make its debut next season. Promoting this will attract fans again. Although keeping the baby hidden might not have anything to do with ratings.

This Alaskan Bush People couple may have privacy in mind. Many celebrities choose not to share their children with their fans. Although Noah Brown is eager to show his son Elijah Brown, that doesn’t mean his brother Gabe Brown feels the same way.

Bear Brown is expecting his first child with his ex-girlfriend, Raiven Adams. She’s supposed to have a baby boy this spring. Raiven’s already told the press that their baby’s gonna be on the Discovery Channel. This couple said they plan to be parents with their baby while remaining friends.

So if the Discovery Channel is going to squeeze another season of Alaskan Bush People, there’s plenty to do. They could finally introduce Gabe’s baby. Fans would have a chance to see Billy Brown, who is very sick. A new season sets the right time to meet Bear’s offspring.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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  1. Will matt brown come back to the show, i miss him on the show!! Our his parents still mad at him I think he needs support of family and friends. There has been talk that he will be back. Hope so he helps makes the show worth watching TB

  2. I really hope there is another season of Alaskan Bush People, I can see why they have such a huge fan base!! I thoroughly enjoy this program. I do hope both parents Billy and Ami have been doing well, I’ve been praying for them. I hope the all the Seasons for this program will soon be available on DVD, I keep looking but they aren’t out on the market for sale yet.

  3. I do enjoy every episode of the Alaska Bush Brown Family. And i know even tho the family is tried and the patents are sick. I do pray for each of them … Love to all on the show …

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