Alaskan Bush People: Was Bear Extreme For Raiven Adams?

Alaskan Bush People: Was Bear Extreme For Raiven Adams?

Fans of the Alaska Bush People know that Bear Brown and Raiven Adams are no longer together. They have parted ways for their own good. Many claimed that the breakup was due to Bear cheating on Raiven Adams. However, the star dismissed the haters and refuted the allegations via a post on his own. If not cheating, what was the cause of the break-up?

The father of a child recently posted a photo on his Instagram looking miserable. The Sun reports a photo of Bear Brown wearing a tuxedo and staring at a ring finger. The star’s caption reads ‘Semper Fidelis’, which means ‘always faithful’.

He then went on to greet his fans and let them know that he had an official update. The 33-year-old explains that she and Raiven Adams broke up a month ago.

Now, however, he’s come to address the rumours that have been in the air since their split. Staar reported: “I would like to also address some rumors I hear; I was never unfaithful to Raiven Adams, I have always loved her and only her; she simply felt I was not what she’s looking for.”

Bear Brown recently lost his father and now comes the parting with Raiven Adams. It wasn’t easy for him to cope with such a big loss all at once. Although Karu wished Raiven all the best and wished him what he was looking for in life.

Alaskan Bush People: Was Bear Extreme For Raiven Adams?

Bear Brown the extreme guy’ is how he defines himself. If Bear Brown is the king of extreme, he must mate with someone who could be the queen of extreme. Well, Raiven Adams obviously wasn’t. Different fans had different reactions to Bear’s post.

Some thought it was just an attention grabber, and some thought the Bear Brown was genuine. One of the fans said angrily and incredulously: “Also, you rented a tux, then got in the shower, then turned it on all this post?” Some couldn’t understand why Bear went to so much trouble to explain; he could have just explained the same for any photo.

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