Alaskan Bush People: What Matt Brown Is Doing Today

Alaskan Bush People: What Matt Brown Is Doing Today

When “Alaskan Bush People” debuted years ago, the Brown family seemed united and close-knit. They even have their own dialect, although whether it is authentic or fabricated is still debatable.

Over the years, however, the family’s dark secrets came out, including the imprisonment of almost half the Brown family and the awkward revelations about Ami and Billy Brown’s young marriage.

And while there’s been no shortage of drama on the family reality show, the unexpected departure of one of the Brown children has never been fully addressed. Now that Billy is gone, Ami Brown and her children Joshua, Solomon, Gabe, Noah, Amora and Merry are rebuilding their lives, partly in Washington state and partly in Alaska. But what happened to oldest son Matt Brown?

It’s not entirely clear why Matt Brown left the Alaskan Bush People. Some sources say he was fired from the reality series, especially after allegations surfaced against the former reality TV personality that he had assaulted two women. Others claim that Matt disappeared from the show because he was in rehab, which didn’t seem to be of interest to the Alaskan Bush People. This is not, of course, the first time the story has been swept under the carpet by producers.

And regardless of the reason, it’s obvious that Matt’s contract with Discovery was terminated because he hasn’t resurfaced with material from the series in years. But Matt finally spoke up.

The former Discovery actor took to Instagram and YouTube to share details of his life and experiences. He told fans that he managed to reunite with his late father before Billy’s death, but Matt also dropped some details that surprised fans. The eldest Brown child claims that his drug problems stemmed from being supplied with substances by the production. He also claimed that the show was faked and staged, which many fans have thought over the years.

Despite Matt’s allegations, the family has said nothing about him, as has Discovery. When most of the Browns moved to Washington state in 2018, Matt Brown didn’t go with them, reportedly because he was in an inpatient recovery program.

Given all the excitement surrounding the lives of the rest of the Brown children, some of whom seem in a hurry to get married (Gabe, Noah and Bear) and others who are contemplating their future (Snowbird), some viewers may not initially notice Matt’s absence.

The arrival of several grandchildren, not to mention the departure of her husband and her own health problems, probably kept Ami Brown busy as well. But in 2019, Matt Brown disappeared from Alaskan Bush People, and no one really talked about him. In fact, some fans began trolling the family’s various accounts, suggesting that the family didn’t care about him and pretended he no longer existed.

Alaskan Bush People: What Matt Brown Is Doing Today

Fans will no longer have to wonder where Matt Brown is or what he is doing. He gives regular updates on YouTube and Instagram about his life, which apparently takes place in Washington. Although he is not filmed for Alaska Bush People, it appears that Matt may be close enough to his family to visit, although it is unclear if he is on good terms with them.

As unfortunate as it is that family relationships are suffering, Matt seems to be doing well on his own time and often shares messages of hope and healing with his followers. Fans are delighted that he is okay and many people point out how clean and kind he seems to be. While he may have had legal and other problems in the past, many followers seem to think that Matt Brown had unfortunate circumstances that led to his expulsion from Discovery. It may not be a true story, but Matt is living his truth and reality through his social media channels, and fans are fascinated.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.

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