Alaskan Bush People’s Bear I Was Never Unfaithful To Raiven.

Alaskan Bush People’s Bear I Was Never Unfaithful To Raiven.

It’s official: While sporting a tuxedo and holding a wedding ring, soaking wet from head to toe in the shower, Bear Brown announced that he and Raiven have broken up, putting their long-awaited Alaskan Bush People marriage to rest once and for all. “Semper Fidelis,” Bear Brown begins his Thursday Instagram post. For those playing along at home, this means “always faithful” in Latin and is the motto of the United States Marine Corps.

The full (implied) meaning of that aside, Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown is finally declaring once and for all: he and Raiven Adams, the mother of his child, have officially separated.

Sharing a lengthy “update” with his followers on his private account, Bear Brown, the self-professed “King of Extreme”, goes to great lengths to make his position clear. Looking extremely grim, Bear adds a photo of him wearing a tuxedo and holding his wedding ring for Raiven Adams while he’s soaked in a running shower.

Alaskan Bush People’s Bear I Was Never Unfaithful To Raiven.

I was never unfaithful to Raiven, I have always loved her and only her… She simply felt I was not what she’s looking for,” the Alaskan Bush People star continued in her post on Thursday. “It has definitely hurt my heart and that along with everything else I’m going through has not been easy… But no matter what, I wish Raiven only happiness and hope she finds what she is looking for in life.”

Unfortunately, we can’t include Bear Brown’s post here because he has reset the maximum privacy settings on his Instagram. You can check out his photo and full update by following him on Instagram here.

Rumors of infidelity began swirling for the Alaskan Bush People star after he began posting photos of himself and other women on Instagram. Additionally, he and Raiven Adams have not been seen or photographed together in several months. No “confirmation” of infidelity exists, however.

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