Alec Baldwin Isn’t Sure How Much Longer He’ll Do His ‘Mediocre’ Trump Impression On ‘SNL’

Alec Baldwin has been almost 40 (!) Times simulated by Donald Trump on SNL.

He has no plans to leave the show, but it is something he is thinking about. And that is a while ago, considering the 30 Rock star that was once called “president of the world” and that he is not sure “how many more people can take it.” The strange thing about Baldwin’s constant cameos opening in the cold is: his robbery turn if Trump hasn’t improved. Even he thinks it’s “mediocre.”

During a performance on The Tonight Show, Baldwin host Jimmy Fallon said: “It’s not that we take a break and do a Steven Soderbergh movie in which I play Trump. We have to drive a little and make it coppery and hard and fast, so I do my world-famous mediocre Trump imitation that fits the show. “He also said,” I don’t know “when asked how much else he did” I imitate the president, following the remarks he made in a recent interview with IndieWire:

“We did it this time every month, this season. Last season I did a whole bunch, and the previous season – the first season – I did it almost every show. I think I did it every show. And I think that people want that a little less. And it remains to be seen whether I will do it for much longer. “

Baldwin also used the same Soderbergh equation and said that SNL does not do a “David Fincher film” here, or a Soderbergh film, where we will etch a number of finely reproduced Trump imitations. I made it as two-dimensional as I believe it deserves to be made. And we certainly filled it from time to time, beyond certain limitations. But essentially we repeat what he says and we simply hold a mirror for what he says and does. “

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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