Alex Trebek Net Worth – How much is Alex Trebek worth?

Alex Trebek Net Worth – How much is Alex Trebek worth?

Alex Trebek has been a household name since the 1980s. The host of the game show has been hosting Jeopardy for 35 years and has recorded a whole series of other shows, including The Wizard of Odds, Double Dare, High Rollers, Battlestars and more.

Alex Trebek on being the host of Jeopardy!

Although some people can bask in the spotlight and get a little snooty because they are organizing a hit show like Jeopardy!, Trebek has managed to remain modest. In an interview with Vulture from 2018, Trebek said he doesn’t consider himself the star of the show:

You must set your ego aside. The stars of the show are the participants and the game itself. That is why I have always insisted that I be introduced as a host and not as a star. And if you want to be a good host, you have to think of a way to get the participants – as in the old television commercial about the army – to be “all you can be.” Because if they do well, the show does well. And if the show does well, I do well through association.

 Alex Trebek’s announcement

In March 2019, Trebek announced that he was being diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Although the disease is fatal in most cases, the host said he was determined to fight the cancer. He joked in a video for Jeopardy! that he had to live and beat the disease because he had a few years left on his contract.

Just like 50,000 other people in the United States every year, I was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer this week. Normally, the prognosis for this is not very encouraging, but I’m going to fight this. And I continue to work and with the love and support of my family and friends – and with the help of your prayers – I intend to beat the low survival rates for this disease. The truth is that I have to [continue hosting] because under the terms of my contract I have to host “Jeopardy” for another three years. So help me. Keep the faith and we will win. We will get it done.

How Alex Trebek makes his money

Trebek has several income sources. Outside of his game show hosting duties, one way he earns money is by producing. Trebek produced 620 Jeopardy! episodes from 1984 to 1987. In 2018, he was the executive producer for two documentaries (Game Changers and Eyes of Faith).

Trebek also has many acting credits. He made his acting debut in 1978 in the television series Vega $. He played the role of Arthur Martin in an episode titled “The Games Girls Play.” Trebek’s recent acting appearances include roles in How I With Your Mother, Hot in Cleveland, and Orange Is the New Black. Furthermore, Trebek makes money from product endorsement deals.

Alex Trebek’s net worth
Alex Trebek has an estimated net worth of $ 50 million.

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