Archie probably feels his parents’ struggle more than anyone realized

Archie probably feels his parents’ struggle more than anyone realized

Meghan Markle has finally admitted that life as a new mother is difficult in the spotlight. And like a royal girl, the Duchess of Sussex must always put on a smiling face, even when she struggles behind the scenes. Since she married Prince Harry, she has been plagued by negative media stories that have a negative impact on both her mental health and that of Prince Harry. But they are not the only people suffering from it; it can even be seriously harmful to their young son.

Since Meghan and Harry started dating, they’ve been in the media nonstop

It has not been easy for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. When Meghan and Harry first started dating, it seemed to go well. However, it wasn’t long before the gossip magazines started publishing stories about Meghan that were dug with her family and previous relationships in her past. Eventually those stories were extended to stories about Meghan’s relationships with the rest of the royal family, her treatment of her staff and all other aspects of her life. Now the time has come that there are hardly any positive stories in the news about the Duchess.

The two recently did an interview explaining the stress of the rumors

While Meghan and Harry were in Africa at the end of September, they did an interview with journalist Tom Bradby, where they opened at all times about the difficulties of living with the media on their backs. Although Harry was used to the press, Meghan had a hard time dealing with it. She told Bradby that she was “naive” about how terrible the media could be and that a British friend even warned her not to get involved with the prince. “I didn’t get it,” Meghan said, referring to the difficulties of living under such a bright spotlight.

Archie probably feels his parents’ struggle more than anyone realized

Although Meghan and Harry seem to be the only ones affected by their struggle with the press, another family member might feel more pain than we realized: Archie. The young son of Meghan and Harry was with them throughout the tour and he probably felt the stress in the same way as his father and mother. According to a study published in Psychological Science, babies can see when their mothers are stressed. And not only can the babies see, but they are also directly affected.

Babies tend to reflect their mother’s emotions, so when Meghan is upset or frustrated by the press, those emotions also appear in Archie. The symptoms of stress often come with increased heart stress, which means that the heartbeat of Archie rises alongside that of Meghan. In addition, according to, prolonged exposure to a mother’s stress can adversely affect a baby’s brain development.

Harry and Meghan are finally fighting back

In an effort to make things better, Harry and Meghan finally take action. They recently announced a massive lawsuit targeting three British newspapers that have published hurtful stories and rumors about Meghan, including a personal letter she wrote to her father. In addition, the release of the interview shows that Harry and Meghan work in different ways to enable the public to agree with them. They try to stand up for their own common sense, but now there are non-stop stories about the influence of the trial and the interview on their relationship with the rest of the royal family. Whatever Harry and Meghan do, they can’t convince the audience.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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