Are Nicole and Mahmoud Still Together? A Look at the Latest 90 Day Fiancé Drama

Are Nicole and Mahmoud Still Together? A Look at the Latest 90 Day Fiancé Drama

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’s Nicole and Mahmoud Sherbiny have been struggling to adjust to their new life in Egypt. Their latest culture clash has led viewers to wonder if the couple is still together.

Despite their heated arguments and apparent relationship troubles on the show, Mahmoud’s Instagram update from March 4th suggests that they are still together and doing fine enough.

In the latest episode, Nicole and Mahmoud had a heated argument about clothing. Nicole wanted to know if she could start wearing short-sleeve shirts, while Mahmoud was upset that she refused to wear a hijab. He even told her to leave him before exiting the house himself.

This seemed like a breaking point in their relationship, but the preview for the next episode showed Mahmoud with Nicole at his uncle’s home, indicating that she remained in Egypt.

Mahmoud’s Instagram page and Nicole’s own page show her wearing long-sleeve shirts in all the photos. Given Mahmoud’s wishes in the latest episode, this could be evidence of their continued relationship and a way to compromise.

However, 90 Day Fiancé cast members have long been discouraged from sharing too many season-updating spoilers on social media, so it is impossible to know for certain.

Nicole wished Mahmoud a happy Valentine’s Day in a mid-February Instagram post, which seems like a sweet message to share if they were no longer together. This post is weeks old, but it is worth remembering that the filming for this season took place well before the 2023 TV schedule. Therefore, we can assume that they were together during the filming.

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