Are the Women in the Duggar Family Actually More Liberal Than the Women in the Bates Family?

There are many famous families on reality TV, but few have as many people in their household as the Duggars. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar gained fame over the years for their Christian-fundamentalist views and 19 children. And it seems that they are not the only large Christian family to take over our TVs. The Duggars are also friends with the Bates family, since Gil and Kelly Jo Bates have 19 children and also follow the same strict religious views.

The Duggars and the Bates have a ton in common, but many see the Bates family as much more lax than the Duggars. Are the Bates women really more liberal than the Duggar women? And would the ladies in the Duggar family actually be more progressive than the Bates women? This is what we think.

The Bates family is known for being more open-minded than the Duggars

The families are certainly similar (and Jim Bob has even indicated that the Duggars and the Bates are good friends), but the Bates family is still known as the “cooler” version of the Duggars. In Touch Weekly, it reminds us that both families adhere to strict rules for courtship where no hand is held and kissed for marriage, but the Bates family is much looser about these rules. They have said before that guesses can happen before marriage, and that is completely OK. Gil and Kelly have also made it clear that they do not want one of their 19 children to get married – and if their children would rather attend higher education than find their partner when they turn 20, that’s good too.

The Duggar, on the other hand, seem to be much more in the mindset of marriage about education. None of the women in the family went to college, although they all talked about the importance of finding the right man. Not only that, but Gil and Kelly Bates have said they have a lot of confidence in their children to make the right decision for their own future. Jim Bob and Michelle, on the other hand, always have a voice in who their daughters court and marry.

The Duggar woman have expanded their horizons greatly over the years

At first glance it seems clear that the women of Bates are more liberal than the Duggar women. But while the Duggar ladies get married and start their own families, it seems that they welcome modernity in new and exciting ways. While fan favorites like Jinger, Jill and Jessa Duggar all grew up with long skirts and loose-fitting tops, they all started wearing pants since they made the knot. And In Touch Weekly reminds us that the Duggar ladies also started piercing. Jill had her nose pierced in 2017 and it surprised her fans. “I am shocked that she has pierced her nose because of its conservative nature,” said a fan on her Instagram photo. And several other family members have since got their ears pierced.

Some of the Duggar ladies can also be influenced by their more liberal husbands. Romper notes that Ben, Jessa’s husband, has stated in the past that he does not identify himself as a Republican. He also criticizes President Trump’s decisions in the past and has supported the Black Lives Matter movement. We are sure that Jessa also resides in some of these more liberal positions.

The Bates women are probably still more liberal, however

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From their wardrobe to their politics, there is no doubt that some of the Duggars have made major changes over the years. But it seems that the Bates ladies are generally more liberal than the Duggar women. Reddit fans have noticed some of the biggest differences between the two families that show how weak the Bates family is. It seems that both men and women are more open to cuddling, human touch, maintaining social lives and reaching work as adults. The Duggar women may be pierced and wear trousers, but it seems that they are still deep in their ways. And we rarely see any of the Duggar ladies with anyone other than their husbands or relatives.

There is of course enough time for the Duggars to become more modern. We will have to see if one of the grandchildren of Jim Bob and Michelle questions their ultra-strict upbringing.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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