Army Wife Tells Husband She Transformed While He Was Deployed, Turns Out She Lied

Many families divide for months when one of the family members is in the army and is deployed. The relative who was away may miss some very important events, such as marriages, deaths and even the birth of their own children. Regardless of what the circumstances are, however, the homecoming is always an anticipated event.

You have probably seen some of the many surprising home videos posted online. It always brings a tear to our eyes when we see that children reunited with parents or husband and wife are reunited. It is often the person being sent who takes the time to make the surprise special, but at other times the family member can decide at home to do something to surprise them.

A woman from the army at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, decided to give one of those surprises. Her name is Lisa Beal and her husband was active abroad for six months. She decided that she would use those six months to give her husband a special surprise.

Lisa told her husband that she had arrived abroad. In reality, the opposite was true. It was not just a little weight she had dropped, she had lost 50 kilos!

The transformation of its size was only the beginning of the surprise. She wanted to give her husband something special, so she called in the help of the Rachael Ray Show to get a complete make-over.

One of the people who helped with the makeover was Deshauna Barber, who is the current Miss USA. She is adept at giving makeovers and understands military life. After all, she serves as reserve captain of the US Army. She did not do it alone, but there was a whole team that helped with her hair, clothes and make-up. When everything was said and done, she looked like another person.

Lisa walked up the stage after her makeover and the audience showed their approval by their applause. Rachael Ray also wanted to know how comfortable she was in her new clothes, but Lisa had something else in mind. You see, she had not even seen her own transformation until then!

When Lisa turned and saw her reflection in the mirror, she thought it was great. It happened before she was reunited with her husband and he grabbed her for the biggest hug!

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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