Ashton Kutcher Testified That He Was ‘Freaking Out’ After A Woman He Was Dating Was Murdered By A Serial Killer

Earlier this month, it was revealed that actor Ashton Kutcher was expected to testify in the upcoming lawsuit against Michael Gargiulo, an alleged serial killer known as the “Hollywood Ripper.” He is accused of brutally murdering at least three women and is currently in trial in Los Angeles for charges related to two of these cases. One of these is that of 22-year-old Ashley Ellerin, who is being arrested by prosecutors, was stabbed to death by Gargiulo on February 21, 2001 – moments after confirming her date with Kutcher.

The story of how Kutcher came to Ellerin’s house to pick her up and saw that what he assumed was a red wine stain on the carpet is now known. As the actor explained in his testimony on Wednesday, he found that he was “out of favor” when he realized that he had unknowingly discovered a crime scene – and left his fingerprints nearby:

The next day, Kutcher testified, he was approached by the police, who told him that the body of Ellerin was found by her roommate. Kutcher said he was “flipping out” at the time that the police would see him as a suspect because he had tried to open the door to Ellerin’s apartment and leave his fingerprints on the door. However, the police assured him that he was not a suspect.

Kutcher had assumed that the blood he saw on the floor was actually “red wine spilled on the carpet,” because Ellerin, as he explained further, had recently organized a home party that “looked like a college party.” In other words, it was a rather loose-hearted and messy affair that probably left a few spilled drink stains on the carpet. As a result, he didn’t find the red spot “alarming” and “didn’t think much about it.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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