Australia’s largest cow happily saved from the slaughterhouse

The largest cow in Australia has been rescued from the slaughterhouse because of its enormous size.

The giant driver, who bears the name ‘Knickers’, weighs 1.4 tons and stands no less than 194 cm from the ground.

First bought for A $ 400 as a 12-month old, the seven-year-old monster would be turned into hamburgers until a recent delay.

Owner, Geoff Pearson, from Myalup, WA, believed that he would be too big to process in a slaughterhouse and decided not to send him to the auction.

Unofficially Knickers is the largest cow in Australia, but not the official Guinness World Record holder, a Chianina os called Bellino, who lives in Italy and has a height of two meters, weighing 1.7 tons.

He got his strange name because his owner already had a Brahman helmsman called ‘Bra’.

The adult Holstein Friesian bull is now set to live the rest of his days and looks down on the rest of the animals in the scenic suburb on the beach, 136 km south of Perth.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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