Bachelor in Paradise couple Connor Saeli and Whitney Fransway have broken up after just two months of dating.

Bachelor in Paradise couple Connor Saeli and Whitney Fransway have broken up after just two months of dating.

Bachelor in Paradise couple Connor Saeli and Whitney Fransway split up after two months.

Connor and Whitney, who started a romance earlier this summer on Bachelor in Paradise’s sixth season, seemed like a great competition in Mexico, but Connor has confirmed that their spark didn’t last long.

“We hurried to a relationship,” Connor told People and announced the couple’s split. “And we realized that we simply had no connection.”

The 24-year-old investment analyst and Whitney, a 28-year-old pilates instructor, attended the wedding of the bachelor couple Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo together on August 23, apparently when the couple began to realize there was something between them.

“We started talking seriously about seeing a future,” Connor said.

And finally, when they spent some time in Los Angeles, CA last week, Connor told People they had “both agreed that breaking up was the right thing.”

“It was 100 percent mutual,” Connor insisted. “We’re just not good for each other.”

Connor assured the magazine “there are no hard feelings” between them.

“I think we’ll be good friends. She’s definitely the person I want in my life,” he added.

Connor and Whitney met at the wedding of Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson in Mexico in June, which was broadcast during the final season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Connor and Whitney left, but then Caelynn Miller-Keyes stole him away and caught his attention. The relationship between Connor and Whitney therefore went no further than a first conversation.

When Connor and Caelynn returned to the beach together, their relationship moved quickly and Connor began to fall for Caelynn.

Dean Unglert, however, returned to paradise hoping to win back Caelynn, and he did exactly that. Caelynn therefore left Mexico with Dean and Connor was left with a crushed feeling.

After a fun and light-hearted date with Revian Chang, Connor returned to the dating game and started thinking about Whitney, with whom he could see a lot of potential.

Connor expected Whitney to join the Paradise cast so they could get to know each other better, but when she didn’t show up, he left the show.

To the dismay of Whitney, she did indeed enter Paradise to hear that Connor had left the resort about 20 minutes earlier. So instead of choosing a date with another man on the beach, Whitney chose to leave Paradise and chase Connor.

The pair was then reunited in Connor’s hotel room and cameras caught the bachelor kissing Whitney on his balcony.

“I was so excited to see her show up in my room,” Connor said. “After that we spent a few days in Mexico getting to know each other, and it was really cool.”

Bachelor in Paradise couple Connor Saeli and Whitney Fransway have broken up after just two months of dating.

Connor and Whitney apparently had high expectations of their relationship once they returned to the real world.

“After Mexico, I flew with her to LA (Fransway’s hometown),” revealed Connor, who is from Texas.

“I met a couple of her friends and it was cool to see her life there. It really went great.”

But towards the end of August, Connor told People that he and Whitney “realized that the relationship was going really fast.”

“We almost skipped that beginning of relationship steps, as if we really got to know each other,” he said.

“We were actually thrown into a long-distance relationship and the fact that we had to be private about it (because the show was broadcast) made it even more difficult.”

Although things failed on their first attempt, Connor admitted that at some point in the future he would not be against reconciliation and give their relationship a new chance.

“That’s something we’ll see in time. You never know what can happen on the road,” Connor shared.

Connor and Whitney did not appear on the sixth season reunion of Bachelor in Paradise, which was recorded on August 27 and just broadcast on September 17, but Connor assured Chris Harrison that he and Whitney were still together at that time, according to Us Weekly.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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