Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Says She and Vanessa Grimaldi Are Done Feuding: ‘Time Had to Pass’

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Says She and Vanessa Grimaldi Are Done Feuding: 'Time Had to Pass'

Rachel Lindsay is opening up about her history with fellow Bachelor contestant Vanessa Grimaldi.

In the preview of her Wednesday episode of her Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Rachel Lindsay, Rachel Lindsay remembers her hidden quarrel with 32-year-old Grimaldi, which began when the women were competing in Nick Viall’s Bachelor season in 2017.

The episode is the last half of a two-part “Friendsgiving” special program, hosted by Rachel Lindsay, her husband Bryan Abasolo and former franchise graduates Eric Bigger, Katie Morton, Tayshia Adams, Kendall Long and Joe Amabile.

“I was in a quarrel with Vanessa Grimaldi,” says Rachel Lindsay. “It wasn’t on the air, but it became a little known… because some people in the season would talk about it. But neither of us have ever been on social media and fought.

“After the time passed and I finished The Bachelorette, she sent me a message,” continues Rachel Lindsay. “We had the phone and we didn’t even discuss what happened, because we spent so many years. We just picked up where we were and had a conversation about it and wished the best of luck. We are totally friendly and cool now. “

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Still, Rachel Lindsay admits that “time had to pass” for the two to start over.

“We had to separate,” she explains. “It had to be the right time for us to be able to come to each other and work that out.”

Rachel Lindsay and Grimaldi’s feud became public in 2017 after fellow contestant Danielle Lombard claimed in a Reddit AMA that “Vanessa called Rachel Lindsay something that was extremely derogatory” during filming, according to Refinery29.

“From what I heard it was bad,” Lombard said. “Vanessa had to be separated for the rest of the show.”

Rachel Lindsay then addressed the news in an interview with Entertainment Tonight to “correct the record”. She said that she had distanced herself from Grimaldi early on in the production, but one day Grimaldi pulled her aside.

“Vanessa told me that I used ‘aggressive’ tones with her, and I was very upset by that,” Rachel Lindsay said. “There are so many stereotypes placed on African-American women.”

As for the “derogatory word,” Rachel Lindsay explained, “She called me a ‘bully,’ and for her to use that phrase was offensive to me. She had no examples to match it.”

Rachel Lindsay confirmed that she had asked the producers to keep the two separate in order to avoid another drama.

“This was an assassination on my character,” she said. “After I’ve faced uphill battles for my entire life and worked to prove myself in my career.”

Ultimately, Rachel Lindsay came in third and Grimaldi won, accepting Viall’s proposal on the season finale.

Grimaldi and Viall, 39, called it quits in August 2017, five months after their engagement aired on TV. Lindsay went on to become the first black Bachelorette and got engaged to her final pick, Abasolo, on the finale of her season in 2017. The two tied the knot this summer.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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