Bachelorette’s Peter Weber Denies Allegations He Dumped Girlfriend to Compete on Show

A few weeks ago, model Calee Lutes made a shocking claim that bachelor competitor Peter Weber dumped her to go to the show and compete to win Hannah Brown’s heart.

“There was a lot of truth in what she said in her story, but there is also a lot of truth that was not mentioned,” the 27-year-old pilot told People of the allegations. “The show had absolutely nothing to do with ending that relationship.”

Calee said that Peter dumped her just before Christmas and then appeared in The Bachelorette a short time later.

“I was very serious in trying to move that relationship forward and to advance,” Peter added about the allegations. “And she wasn’t on the same page as me. That said, I wasn’t going to waste her time or my time. But the casting process and my first interview were months after we broke up.”

Peter went on: “It’s clear that I hurt someone I really cared about. That was never my intention. And I’m sorry for that. Breakups suck!”

If you missed it, a huge revelation was made last night about the relationship between Hannah Brown and Peter Weber!

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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