Barbra Streisand: Donald Trump is a Clown, Praises Hillary Clinton …

Barbra Streisand performed Saturday night at Madison Square Garden in New York City – with Bill and Hillary Clinton, Rep. Jerry Nadler and Rev. Al Sharpton in the crowd for the sold out show.

The Oscar winner told the republicans never to get away from politics that they had to cover their ears before they started to spot a satirical version of ‘Send in the Clowns’ with President Trump.

“Maybe he’s poor. Until he reveals his return, who knows for sure? Who is this clown?”, She sang the famous song while the audience cheered.

“Something is wrong, I don’t agree. Now that is the free world, where can we go? Maybe a city, who is this clown? “

Following the parody, a Photoshopped photo of one of the covers of the Time magazine by Trump appeared on a screen behind Streisand with the president in clown makeup and a headline: “Clown of the year”.

Streisand, a vocal democrat, also shouted to the Clintons and complained that she was unable to sing at Hillary Clinton’s inauguration as she did with Bill Clinton in 1993.

She praised Bill Clinton for leaving his office with a “large surplus,” Showbiz411 reported. She added: “A great president needs a sense of history and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. And the compassion with which children cannot be separated from their parents. “

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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