‘Below Deck’ Chastain was thankful for Dobson and Sterback

'Below Deck' Chastain was thankful for Dobson and Sterback

Ashton Pienaar of Below Deck was filmed and became angry with Kate Chastain. The crew returned to the boat after an evening of drinking and Pienaar became furious when Chastain mentioned his mother.

Chastain, chief Kevin Dobson, Deckhand Tanner Sterback and Pienaar drove back to the boat in a van together. The crew made jokes about Sterback’s mother. But when Chastain asked about his mother, he jumped out at her while she was in the back seat. He was visibly furious and hit the side of the interior of the van. At one point, Dobson Pienaar seemed to stop Chastain from physically attacking him. Sterback speaks calmly to the bosun to let him relax.

Pienaar never physically attacked Chastain, but some crew members thought he could have hit her. The crew reorganized the incident in the below decks after show and Sterback thought that Pienaar would hit Chastain.

The altercation could have gotten physical

“[Chastain] assumes we’re fooling my mother,” says Sterback. “But that’s not the case at all. That’s what started the whole thing. And Kate brought something in the car about Ashton and his family. And it became a big problem because he doesn’t love his family. So it escalated very quickly. ‘

Sterback thought the situation would get much worse. “I thought Ash would punch her in the face,” he says. Deckhand Rhylee Gerber has known Pienaar since season 6. “Ashton is a bad drunk,” she says. “He’s either sloppy because he’s f ** king on everything, or he’s sloppy because he hits everything.”

'Below Deck' Chastain was thankful for Dobson and Sterback

Chastain was thankful for Dobson and Sterback

Chastain wonders what would have happened if she wasn’t in the car with Sterback and Dobson. “He hit the window, he came over the seat to me,” she says. “The only reason he didn’t get to me is because Kevin, who hates me, stopped him. If I’d been in a van with Simone or Courtney, or not two strong men, I don’t know what Ashton would have done. “

ienaar admits that he’s had hot flashes in the past. He claims that he has overcome those problems, but realizes that drinking to sloppiness is dangerous. “I’m from Long Island, I always take care of meatheads,” says Sterback. “But it was scary. He’s a big guy. “Deckhand Brian de Saint Pern says Pienaar” can do some damage. “

Luckily, Sterback’s soothing words and tone Pienaar. “And I got a kiss, so it worked out great,” he adds. After Sterback had relaxed a little, he bent over for a kiss from Chastain. “I think I had Stockholm syndrome at the time,” Chastain says about the kiss. “I’ll be nice to anyone who’s nice to me. I was stuck on a boat with a bunch of angry lunatics. “Captain Lee Rosbach sits next to Chastain and shares that he hears all this information for the first time. “I’m shocked,” he says. He adds that seeing the visual will probably give him a completely different point of view as well.

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