‘Below Deck’: Fans think Courtney Skippon should have canceled the date

'Below Deck': Fans think Courtney Skippon should have canceled the date

Although it was filmed months ago, Brian de Saint Pern and Courtney Skippon of Below Deck keep arguing about their date that was aired in the show.

The blossoming couple embarked upon a mini-date before the crew went out on the town. Although Courtney Skippon agreed to join de Saint Pern for drinks prior to the outing, she was flustered and exhausted when it came time to leave. She shared in the Below Deck After Show and was not only wiped out, but she also had a few problems getting ready for the date. “It had been a pretty long charter, I hadn’t washed my hair in three days,” she says. “I have a lot of legroom to moisturize before I can wear a dress. My other dress fell in the toilet.

She promptly expressed to de Saint Pern she was feeling grumpy at that point. He did his best to change her mood, but Courtney Skippon didn’t have it. Since the date of the broadcast, Courtney Skippon the Saint Pern have caught on to each other about what happened. It is clear that no love has been lost between the two.

Fans think Skippon should have canceled the date

Bravo shared the After Show clip on Twitter and some fans wondered why Courtney Skippon didn’t just cancel the date. One fan wondered why Skippon didn’t just embrace the moment and try to be present. But Skippon didn’t buy it. “Why didn’t he? Plan better? Have another conversation than asking me what drink I was drinking? Why did I feel I had to constantly apologize for being too tired to have the conversation? Why do you feel I have to apologize for that?”

But the Saint Pern snapped back at her remark. “Excuse me? Hahaha are you really? We talked to you about a lot of other things. Don’t you remember? They just didn’t show it on the episode. Why do you keep lying on Twitter about this stuff to make yourself better and make me look worse?”

Skippon answered, “I guess the question is, don’t you remember? Because you’re the one who said on the episode that I shouldn’t have come on the date and you shouldn’t have put so much time and effort into it. If you’re talking about what happened in the first 5 minutes of the date, I will.”

Taking heat for the date?

After Skippon’s reaction, the Saint Pern claims to have raised the fame to her head. “You were the last person of everyone I expected fame to rise to their heads. You know what happened in the show and what didn’t, yet you talk as if you don’t care and we both know that’s not true,” he wrote in the wire.

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But Courtney Skippon shot that fame back has nothing to do with the date. “Fame” first? Second: we both happily left the date, so to hear you say that it was a waste of your time and that I shouldn’t have come is not talking to what happened in the show. And that’s what I’m talking to,” she wrote.

“I’m talking about how you’re behaving now! If you were ‘happy’ after the date, why are you giving me so much Sh*t on Twitter?” replied the Saint Pern. Skippon replied: “So you can have bad opinions about me, but I can’t have opinions about your bad opinions about me? I haven’t said anything about anything you haven’t said or don’t expect me to say. The above tweet just explained that it takes two people to make a date good or bad. She added, “Think about how it’s all put into play by a story you made before you get angry at me for talking about it”.

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