‘Below Deck’: João Franco has weighed in during the season too

'Below Deck': João Franco has weighed in during the season too

Although actor Jerry O’Connell sat next to Ashton Pienaar of Below Deck, he couldn’t deny that his wife, actress Rebecca Romijn, just can’t stop the boatswain João Franco of Below Deck Mediterranean.

O’Connell and Romijn are both big Below Deck superfans and O’Connell is obsessed with his wife’s obsession for Franco. O’Connell appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen next to Pienaar. The show was tough, because Pienaar was in the hot seat after showing misogyny on the last episode of Below Deck.

Luckily, a caller from WWHL After Show lightened the mood a bit and remembered that Romijn crushed last season on Franco. She wondered if Romijn had a new crush on the current season of Below Deck. “We’re huge Below Deck fans, she hasn’t shown any interest in the cast members this season,” O’Connell notes. Okay, a little awkward with Pienaar next door.

‘Below Deck’: She’s ‘Team João’

Host Andy Cohen wonders if Romijn might be in love with someone else in the Bravo universe. “I don’t want to offend anyone right now.” O’Connell says he knows Penny’s sitting next to him. “She’s mostly a João guy. She really talks about him a lot. She was very excited when he was promoted to captain at the end of last season. She’s like: “He’s really moving forward in the world. I think they’re pen pals.”

Then Cohen wants to know if Penny knows Franco. “We talk from time to time,” says Pienaar. “We’ve never met before.” O’Connell is hilarious: “Ask him how my wife is doing!”

Franco couldn’t resist sharing it on social media. “@mrjerryoc you’re an absolute legend and also hilarious! 😂 this is worth gold! Thanks for making my day!” Franco wrote. Friend and breeding stallion Colin Macy-O’Toole remarked: “This is awesome! 😍”

João Franco has weighed in during the season too

During what turned out to be the darkest Below Deck episode so far, Franco shared photos of the beloved Below Deck Med team. “@colin_macyotoole would say… “Can I get a what?” @travismichalzik – “bunch of studs!” Jack- “looooovely!” Does anyone miss these guys as much as I do? We sure had a laugh with this group!! I’ll take my hat off to them,” he said along with a series of photos.

He also seems to be on Rhylee Gerber’s side. After a recent episode, Franco said he wasn’t happy with what he saw. “I forget what I’m doing here the moment I read one of @rhylee_gerber’s tweets! I end up reading your tweets for an incredible chunk of my time,” Franco shared on Twitter. “Thank you for keeping me entertained and I haven’t looked this season, but good on you for holding up your ground # teamrhylee.”

Franco continued and supported his tweet by writing that he would like to work with Gerber. “I’m talking about people who aren’t afraid to tell the truth… and she certainly speaks the very unfiltered truth very refreshingly! I would work with her every day.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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