Below Deck Med: What Happened To Malia White and Wes Walton?

Below Deck Med: What Happened To Malia White and Wes Walton?

Fans will have fun watching the new season 6 cast at Below Deck Mediterranean. And as the story progresses, fans are reminded of some old drama. We haven’t seen Malia White and Wes Walton together in a while after they got into a love triangle a couple of seasons ago. So what are they up to now? Are they still together?

Below Deck Med: What Happened To Malia White and Wes Walton?

Malia White first appeared on Below Deck Mediterranean in season 2, where she joined the crew as a deckhand. This season, Malia White was caught in the middle of a love triangle between two other crew members. While working as a ship’s captain, Malia White took a liking to both chef Adam Glick and bosun Wes Walton. And while this was probably not the ideal situation for anyone involved with their heart on the line, it provided some interesting entertainment for fans of the series.

It wasn’t immediately clear who Malia White liked better. So fans watched to find out which man would win her heart. In the middle of the season, fans discovered that Malia and Adam Glick were already in a relationship. There was some back and forth drama between all three.

Wes became uncomfortable feeling like he was in the middle of their relationship. However, after arguing with Malia White and Adam Glick, he felt that Adam wasn’t the one he wanted to be with. In the end, Malia White chose Wes and the two became an official couple by the end of season 2.

During the filming of the Season 2 reunion show, Malia White and Wes Walton were still together, telling fans and other cast members that they were happy together. But even good things come to an end – and that’s what happened to Malia and Wes.

It’s not entirely clear why or when Malia White and Wes Walton broke up, but they did stay together for a while after the end of the charter season. But eventually they pulled the plug on their relationship. Malia White and Wes Walton did not return to Below Deck Med for the next season.

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