Below Deck Season 10 Reunion Canceled Amidst Feud and Firings

Below Deck Season 10 Reunion Canceled Amidst Feud and Firings

Fans of Bravo’s reality show Below Deck were surprised to hear rumors that the Season 10 reunion might be canceled due to scheduling conflicts and a feud between the show’s captains. Alissa Humber, one of the fired stewards, shared an email on her Instagram Story that seemed to confirm the reunion’s cancellation.

The email, whose sender was not identified, expressed appreciation for everyone’s efforts in planning the reunion but cited scheduling conflicts that made it impossible to proceed. While Bravo has not confirmed the authenticity of the email, it seems that the reunion is unlikely to happen.

Season 10 of Below Deck has been particularly dramatic, with the firing of several crew members and a feud between the show’s two captains, Captain Lee and Captain Sandy. The latter replaced the former during the season due to his health issues but made decisions that he disagreed with, leading to public criticism.

One such decision was the firing of steward Camille Lamb for slacking on the job, which Captain Sandy did without consulting Captain Lee. He called her approach “lacking in procedure and respect” on Twitter, causing her to defend herself during an interview on SiriusXM’s Reality Checked.

Captain Sandy denied that she would fire anyone without consulting the captain but claimed that she had to fire Camille due to the risk of mutiny from the other crew members. This led to a public disagreement between the two captains that may have contributed to the reunion’s cancellation.

The reunion is an opportunity for the cast to air their grievances and create more drama, making its cancellation disappointing news for fans of the show. However, given the tension and conflict between the crew members and captains, it is perhaps not surprising that scheduling conflicts and other issues would prevent the reunion from happening.

For now, fans of Below Deck will have to make do with following the show’s social media accounts and keeping an eye out for any updates on the rumored reunion cancellation.

Written by Evelyn Foster



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