Below Deck Season-Finale Recap: Saying Goodbye to Old Favorites and Welcoming New Challenges on Below Deck

Below Deck Season-Finale Recap: Saying Goodbye to Old Favorites and Welcoming New Challenges on Below Deck

In recent news, rumors have been circulating about the retirement of Captain Lee from the hit reality TV show Below Deck. Despite denying the rumors, fans are speculating that his retrospective at the end of the season is a farewell from Bravo. The highlight reel is seen as Bravo’s way of sending Captain Lee into the sunset, at the helm of a superyacht, of course.

Another crew member who might be bidding farewell to the yachting industry is Chef Rachel. In her exit interview, Rachel admits that this season was not one of her most successful and that she’s not having fun anymore. She even goes as far as saying, “I’m too old for this shit,” and plans on leaving yachting until she gets bored and landlocked. Fans love Rachel, but it’s evident that Below Deck is not doing her any favors as it shows in her cooking. Perhaps Rachel and Captain Lee will retire together, which would be a poetic end to their time on the show.

Meanwhile, love triangles continue to heat up on the show, and Ben finds himself torn between two women, Camille and Leigh-Ann. Ben goes back and forth all episode, ultimately choosing both women. He struggles with coming clean to Camille, but saves the conversation for later, presumably once they’re on their ten-day trip in the Dominican Republic. When he asks Camille about their future, she tells him she doesn’t have the capacity for that conversation right now. Poor heartbroken Ben admits it’s his fault for not picking up on Camille’s red flags earlier, and copes by flirting with Leigh-Ann. They even make out and disappear into a guest cabin together, but disappoint fans the next morning by admitting nothing happened. Ben eventually admits that Camille has his heart and that he’s going to follow her, but recent social media activity suggests that the couple may have already broken up.

On a more positive note, fans have noticed a change in Katie’s behavior on the show. She appears to have joined us back on planet Earth and sees Ross clearly. Katie knows they will part ways once the season is over, and she’s fine with it. Even if she’s lying, fans are convinced that watching just one episode of this season will convince her she made the right decision. They share a romantic moment in the bunk bed but accidentally knock a phone onto Tyler’s head. Fans are hoping they use a guest cabin next time.

The latest season of Below Deck has come to a close, leaving fans with a mix of emotions as they bid farewell to their favorite crew members. Tyler and Hayley, who have entertained viewers with their hilarious antics throughout the season, bid adieu to the crew with a bang. The duo was seen blowing up condom balloons and cackling on their last night on board the St. David.

Hayley, who has been a rock-solid support for Tyler throughout the season, was seen giving him sound advice about coming out to his parents. While Tyler didn’t come out on-screen, he has since revealed that he has come out to his family and is relieved. Hayley, with her big-sister energy, has won the hearts of many viewers, who are hoping to see her return to the show.

Another crew member who left an impression on viewers was Tony, the only crew member who recognized the bodybuilding guests. Tony was thrilled to be in the presence of legend Dexter Jackson and made the most of the opportunity. While Tony may not be returning to Below Deck, he has left a lasting impact on the show and viewers alike.

Captain Lee, who has been a constant source of inspiration for viewers, revealed that he is a gym rat. He believes that spending each day in the gym is equivalent to one or two days that he won’t have to spend in the hospital. While viewers may not agree with his philosophy, they appreciate his positive attitude and outlook on life.

Throughout the season, the crew has faced numerous challenges, including demanding guests and bunk-bed hookups. However, they have managed to overcome all obstacles and work together as a team. Katie, the chief stewardess, even hauled the anchor on her own, proving that women can do anything they set their minds to.

As the crew members disembark the vessel, fans bid farewell to their favorites and prepare for the next season. While some crew members are heading home, others are heading to Fort Lauderdale. Regardless of their destination, viewers can rest assured that a new charter is always on the horizon, and with it, a new set of challenges and adventures.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.

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