Below Deck’s Katie Glaser Finds Inspiration in Captain Sandy’s Hands-On Approach and Female Leadership

Below Deck's Katie Glaser Finds Inspiration in Captain Sandy's Hands-On Approach and Female Leadership

Katie Glaser, a star of the reality TV show “Below Deck,” has spoken about the differences between working under Captain Sandy Yawn and Captain Lee Rosbach on the program. Glaser said that while she respects both captains, she found working with Yawn to be particularly inspiring due to the hands-on approach Yawn takes to her job.

Katie Glaser pointed to Captain Sandy Yawn’s willingness to help with various tasks on board the yacht, such as cooking and operating jet skis, as evidence of her leadership style. Glaser also noted that Yawn’s position as a woman in a male-dominated field was especially inspiring to her. Although Yawn and Rosbach have reportedly been feuding, Glaser stated that the crew members on the show are simply trying to maintain normalcy amid the changes.

Captain Sandy Yawn has faced a tumultuous season on the reality TV show “Below Deck,” but she has managed to persevere despite the drama. Katie Glaser, a crew member on the show, has praised Yawn’s leadership style, which includes a hands-on approach to her work.

Katie Glaser also noted that Captain Sandy Yawn’s job was made more difficult by the constant changes in crew members and the need to make everything work seamlessly. Despite criticism from some crew members and former captain Lee Rosbach, Glaser believed that Yawn was an inspiring figure who did her best to help her team. Yawn has also spoken about the challenges of stepping in as captain on short notice and has expressed a desire to have more time to prepare in the future.

“Below Deck” has been praised for its realistic portrayal of the challenges faced by yacht workers, but it has also been criticized for its focus on drama and conflict. Yawn and Rosbach have reportedly been feuding, adding to the tension on the show. Despite the challenges, Glaser believes that the crew members are doing their best to maintain normalcy and get their jobs done. Overall, the article highlights the difficulties of working on a luxury yacht while being filmed for a reality TV show, and the challenges faced by captains like Yawn who must navigate constantly changing situations and personnel.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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